The Main Trends in Wedding Fashion and the Most Fashionable Wedding Dresses of 2017

Are you ready to observe the most fashionable beautiful wedding dresses of 2017? Learn all the trends in wedding fashion which must know each bride and observe novelties of 2017!
At the Bridal Fashion Shows, there were a lot of beautiful wedding dresses which brides of 2017 will dream about. The admirable wedding dresses for a classic bride, and for “non-traditional” – a bold and original one. But the choice of “that” dress is always up to the bride. And fashion designers and wedding brands in 2017 give us a huge selection of wedding dresses. Do you want a piece of advice from a stylist? Do not be afraid trying on wedding dresses that are different from what you have imagined when you were a child. Maybe it is the wedding dress will be for you, “the one”.

The Key Fashion Trends of Wedding Dresses in 2017:

If your wedding will be held in 2017 and you want to stay on top of fashion trends – my guide on trends in wedding fashion of 2017 is for you. Warning, lots of new photos of beautiful wedding dresses!

Trend – High Collar

purcha-vs-buyPerhaps it is one of the brightest fashion trends in the world of wedding dresses. The high neck is a compulsory part of the classic wedding dress of the late 19th and early 20th century, which we have almost never seen in recent years. But the wedding dress with high neck in 2017 – is not only classic wedding dresses, but bold wedding dresses and, where translucent mesh and organza creates an exciting game of “I can see through – I cannot see through”.

Trend – Delicate Pastel

wdblFor several seasons, pink is a key fashion color for brides. We see it in the Wedding Collection of 2017, again in many colors, from delicate powdery pink to bright magenta.
In spring and summer of 2017 soft blue is a good alternative when you do not like pink, but you want a beautiful colorful wedding dress of unusual color.

Trend – a Deep Cut

how-wdWedding designers have once again made a decisive step with cutouts and decollete! Deep V-neck can be seen in wedding dresses all the silhouettes in the majority of the summer wedding collections. One thing is certain, that wedding designers believe that a bride of 2017 is bold enough, that would elegantly showing bare skin and her own sexuality.

Trend – Floral Appliques and Embroidery

Lace is becoming less noticeable in the new collections of wedding dresses of 2017. They are replaced by other fabrics and textures, including floral appliques and large embroidered flowers.

Trend – Shorter Skirts

Not the easiest option of a wedding dress, but certainly it is one of the most original ones. Ideal for informal wedding and a bold bride!

Trend – Bare Shoulders

how-wBare shoulders and pulled down sleeve – it is also one of the major fashion trends in 2017. Many brides prefer to tastefully show some skin emphasizing shoulder grace and giving a touch of the relaxed glamor of lowered shoulder line or deep neckline.

Trend – Long Sleeves

wed-creLong sleeves – this is another fashion trend focusing the attention on the bride’s hands. Its popularity we can thank Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly. Long sleeve, like nothing else, is suitable for brides whose wedding is scheduled for the autumn and winter of 2017. For such brides, designers offer a plenty of options in wedding dresses.

Trend – Clean & Simple

%d1%81%d0%b2%d0%b0-%d0%bf%d0%bbOne of the most refreshing wedding trends are “simple” wedding dresses, made of crepe, taffeta and silk shantung without bulk-structured skirts and without any decoration of embroidery and lace. But here designers love to play with the cut pieces and elegant silhouette architecture of a dress.

Trend – Basque

The new collections of 2017 designers have structured silhouettes of wedding dresses with the help of the Basques. Somewhere it acts as a classic form, in other, it lengthens to become the top skirt, in third ones it acts as a top layer in a cascade of soft folds and skirt flounces. In any case, it is Basque in 2017 gives a sense of volume of the most fashionable wedding dresses.

Trend – The Relaxed Elegance

weddingWhat is the opposite of the wedding dress of a “Princess” type, so beloved by our young brides? Of course, relaxed and laid-back bohemian style, so popular last season in Europe and America. The new collection of wedding dresses of 2017 consists of such a huge range of laid-back, elegant dresses of flowing fabrics for romantic brides.

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8 Ideas of Fashionable Christmas Images

Let’s remember the major trends and events of the last year and come up with great images for the New Year’s party. I have prepared 8 jolly options.


Elegant, little provocative dresses with huge puffed sleeves and bold cutouts will stand in good stead for you in the next year: the fashion for the 1980s will reign at least for one more season. Where to wear a dress that resembles a bright, shiny candy wrapper, unless to the New Year’s party?

Disco ball

disThings of disco style became very popular at the end of this year. Paillettes, glitter, sequins, reflecting materials and giant decorations in the most literal sense will sparkle with new shades as soon as you find yourself near the garlands, lights, and candles. Whirl in the gay rhythmic dance and watch the bizarre projection on everything that surrounds you. That’s really a girl-comet costume.


Pink Panther

Without a doubt, the main color of the season is pink. Long dresses, bright, volume coats from artificial fur, pink shoes. Fashion shows from designers of the Autumn-Winter 2017 opened the image, fully assembled from pink items (even tights were pink). The festive night is an excellent opportunity to test yourself on this trend, break into the wildest extremes. Mix shades of dusty rose and very girly pink, use accessories and do not be afraid of complex fabrics such as velvet or jacquard.

Wes Anderson Muse

Wes Anderson movies almost always receive the most prestigious film awards for costumes, and women’s (and men’s) images of his characters inspire not only fashionistas all over the world but also respected editors of glossy magazines. Delicate pastel shades, minimalist items, ideas that seem to lie on the surface, but for some reason, no one comes to mind – that those factors for which we are so fond of the style of Margot Tenenbaum or Susie Bishop.

The little red dress

lrdEven if you are skeptical about horoscopes, symbols of the coming year and rather drink poison than champagne with a piece of paper – a desire, why not kill two birds with one stone (in this situation, roosters) and to dress up in a dress of the noble red, just because it is very beautiful. I advise to forget about the length of the maxi in this situation and get the dress to the knee (so you can wear during spring 2017 almost every day). As the inspiration – the Italian films of the 1950s, 1960s. This is where they wear these beautiful red dresses suitably.


Victorian era, dark gothic, lace and velvet, high collars, and other attributes of Tim Burton’s films are back again in vogue this year. A dramatic image consisting of black velvet maxi dress at the Christmas party will look no less advantageously than sequins and bright colors.


retroInstead of boring to everyone retro-chic with lush skirts and dresses, bustier, you can try a less obvious way, inspired with the beginning of the 20th century. Designers’ fantasies of the past on how we will dress have gained the embodiment into this in the future. That’s such a compound diagram of crossing times, eras, and trends. Here fit both wildly popular metallic pleated skirts, and silver tissue, and volume bombers (again, of silver shades). Feel like a guest from the future.

Pajamas party

If your maximum in the festive night is to drink cold brut in a very narrow circle of close friends (and maybe even in prideful solitude), then I advise you to get beautiful silk pajamas and to pass not only the last year but also the body-cloth fashion style. It is much nicer to lie imposingly surrounded by pillows in a pajama suit than in the cotton shorts or torn jeans.

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6 Main Rules of the Selection of Cocktail Dresses

The cocktail dress is a dress on duty for a number of social events. Women simply cannot do without the cocktail dresses for formal and semi-formal meetings, starting from corporate parties and till wedding receptions.

add-bloHowever, finding suitable attire can greatly spoil your mood, if you do not know where to start from and what to focus when choosing. Some may stick to the same classical style, which has always been favored; others can blindly follow the latest fashion trends, regardless of whether they fit the type of their bodies. Each of these approaches has disadvantages.

The following six tips will help you from a huge variety of cocktail dresses to choose the one that is right for your body and will create your own unique style.

Choose a dress that emphasizes the advantages of the body

Most women focus on how to hide the body disadvantages, that they are very concerned about. As a result, the created image only reflects their lack of confidence. Instead, try to emphasize your advantages. Different dresses draw attention to different parts of the body.

When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the fact what exactly this outfit emphasizes. Dresses just above the knee focus on slender legs and a deep neckline draw attention to the noble profile or chest. Choose the cocktail dress that accentuates some one part of the body. Your outfit should have one main focus, whether it is the face, chest, waist or legs.

The focus can be a charming smile. Draw attention to your face, wearing large earrings and a simple classic dress. Below there are pieces of advice on how to place the main emphasis.

For the proper selection of a dress, it is also important to know your body type. Cocktail dress should at the same time hide the least attractive part of the body and emphasize the most attractive part. However, it is necessary to clearly understand the difference between those who are simply trying to hide the disadvantages (holding some kind of “repair work”) and those who feel confident in the advantages of their bodies.

Carefully select the accessories

bwdresMany people think that it is necessary to put on all the accessories that are suitable for this dress at once. The selection of accessories – is the key to creating a certain image, and the cocktail dress can be transformed greatly depending on which accessories it can be complemented.

When buying a cocktail dress, imagine how bright it will look with large earrings, lipstick, and shiny multiple stiff bracelets. A more official image will create a moderate makeup, long earrings, and low heels. Such metamorphoses are possible with most cocktail dresses.

When choosing a dress, ask yourself:
• Can I wear it with silver and with golden jewelry?
• What color shoes and bags are suitable for it?
• How many models of shoes fit with this dress? (From the Greek sandals, shoes with thick heels, heels or wedges to boots and shoes – you should consider all options for combinations)
• Will it look good with a clutch, evening handbag or another model of the bag?

Note the length

To create the most attractive image, it is necessary to pay the utmost attention to the length of the dress. You can find cocktail dresses of any length – from the dress of just above the knee-length to the luxurious dresses of mid-calf length. The latter is traditionally called “dress for tea”, although modern dresses for tea are usually shorter.

Miniature women can look higher if they choose short dresses. In fact, the dress length should not reach the calves, otherwise, the proportions of the figure would be violated, and they will seem even lower than they actually are.

Empire waist with waist strap under the breast creates the illusion of length even at the ankle-length dresses. This is a very attractive option for shorter women who want to look taller. But be careful, this style is very popular for blouses and dresses for pregnant women. Tall women have a wide selection of dresses length.

However, tall thin women should not forget about the proportionality/balance of the image and not to choose too short dresses.

Little Black A-line Dress

autEveryone has (or should have) a little black dress that is appropriate both at the official and at the non-official events. The most versatile and multipurpose is an LBD (little black dress) – a dress of A-line. The A-line dress has a narrow bodice and it extends from the waist or hips, repeating the outlines of the letter A. Why this design is considered to be so successful and versatile?

First of all, such a dress distracts attention from the abdomen and thighs, which for many people are the problem areas. Second of all, it tightly covers the shoulders and chest, emphasizing the feminine body shape. Owners of an hourglass body shape can complement such a dress with a belt at the waist, and as for the type of pear body shape, it is recommended to leave a free style.

Women with an apple body shape type can turn it into an hourglass one by loose dresses and the slim boyish figure becomes more feminine due to dress, that slightly widens at the hips.

For the going out, and for every day

Today, cocktail dresses are worn not only to the parties. It is appropriate both at receptions and other formal events. Supplemented with casual clothes, such a dress can be a great outfit for every day. For example, put it on with the cardigan, shawl or jacket, so that only the skirt would be visible.

Rough boots or leggings are also converted to a formal dress into a casual one. On the other hand, there are some common mistakes in choosing accessories for a cocktail dress, if you want to put it on to the official event. Avoid large bags! The more formal the event you are going to visit, the smaller should be your purse. If you doubt, stop the choice on the clutch.

A cocktail dress can be worn on formal and semi-formal meetings, can be worn both day and evening, depending on the selected shoes, jewelry, handbags, and make-up. For casual accessories include large bags, bright jewelry, and comfortable shoes. Dresses made of cotton, linen or wool are usually worn only during the day. Typical for the official style are small bags or clutches, longer dresses of restrained colors and discreet jewelry. Formal dresses are usually made of satin, silk or velvet. The versatile can be dresses made of chiffon, polyester or mixed cotton.

You’re the principle!

Although the fashion keeps coming back for bright colors and patterns, such as animal prints, no one trend should not force you to choose the coloring that does not suit you. When choosing the color of the dress, pay attention not only to your skin tone and hair color, keep in mind the type of your body shape and your height.

Bright flashy patterns can completely overshadow the low women, who are best to choose plain clothes of matching colors. Of course, the bright pink cocktail dress does not beautify anyone, but the same can be said about the dress of dull brown color.

The slender dark-haired woman will look exhausted and lean in dresses of dark color. Selecting the color of clothing, suitable for your skin tone – is an art in itself. To simplify the process of buying a cocktail dress, ask yourself the question: “What will people think, whether she looks beautiful or her dress looks beautiful?” It does not mean that it is always necessary to play safe and choose only those dresses that do not stand out.

You must be able to stick to your own style, even if you decide to wear trendy clothes of wildest colors. Those who are copying the trend blindly that it does not suit them, end up looking as if their clothes are wearing them.


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Evening Dresses: the Rules of Selection

In our everyday life, it is so desirable to at least sometimes to change the image and appear, for example, as a diva in a luxurious evening dress. Especially when there is a friends’ wedding on the horizon or anniversary of your acquaintance with your husband or another pleasant occasion to transform and remember that you are not only just a woman, but also a beautiful woman.

bridesmaiFortunately, the choice of evening dresses today is huge. Styles, colors – for every taste and shape. How to emphasize the features of one or another figure outfit, I often tell. How fashion affects the evening dresses, it is almost not worth speaking, because the main trend of such a gown at all times is femininity and elegance.

And here are I will give some tips on how to choose a dress to feel comfortable at the event.

First of all, pay attention at the fabric. Even the most simple dress, but made of high-quality fabric will look luxurious. Do not be afraid that it will be expensive. In the end, you will not often go out, so it is possible to afford to get one perfect dress.

The cut is also an important part of the attire. The dress that fits body looks much more effective. Look for a dressmaker or dressmaking and tailoring establishment, their services you can always come in handy. The dress has not to wrinkle, to make some pulling. You have to move it freely and not to think about the attire and just to rest. And feel confident, only then everyone will appreciate your image!

Attire should be appropriate. So if you are in doubt whether understand the dress code correctly, check with your host. There is nothing worse and uncomfortable than you would come in too simple or too frilly dress. And then there are rules of etiquette – of course, they now seem to be quite conventional, and even fun, but they exist. So, according to them, bare shoulders appropriate from seven o’clock in the evening, and deep décolleté – after 22.00.

Do not forget to choose the perfect lingerie. Under the fitting or flowing translucent dresses, it is seen everything. So try to select the underwear on your figure, and it is better for these goings out to have shaping lingerie. Pantyhose or stockings are also important. Your choice of thin transparent tights for an evening out (if the outfit does not require a completely dark matte ones).

i-bodyAnd, of course, it is important to choose accessories. Here, also, the main thing is not to overdo. According to Coco Chanel: “The last worn jewelry is always an excess.” This truth is still relevant.


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Evening Dresses for the 2017 New Year

expens-lookThe New Year always brings turmoil, concerns, pleasant chores and mood, which belongs only to this holiday. And did not you forget with all of the things to choose for yourself the dress in which you will meet the most important holiday of the planet? I have tried as best I could to facilitate the choice of evening attire problem. So, let’s proceed to choose the dress of your dreams.


The choice of the body shape

A new year gives every woman the opportunity to shine and show off her beauty in the most beautiful dress from her wardrobe of all. It is clear that the dress has to be perfect in all respects, especially in the combination of style and shape of its owner.


So, choose the evening dress for the Christmas party on the figure type.


An Apple

For plump girls, it is not a good idea to choose a tight form-fitting dress, which will tightly fit the body. But too loose outfit also inappropriate – there is no need to hide chic forms in loose overalls.


Successful examples include wrap-over dresses and dresses of half-adherent silhouette that emphasizes everything that needs to be emphasized.



For pear-shaped (triangular) body shape it is necessary to choose the outfits by means of which the upper part of the body would be added the volume, while at the bottom would be removed the extra centimeters. Slim waist needs to be emphasized.


The perfect would be models with American armhole or tailored on the bias, drawing attention to the shoulders or chest. Draperies, prints, puffs, and ruffles – these are the important elements that create the desired volume. A good supplement will be bolero or pelerine.


Inverted triangle

With broad shoulders and narrow hips, it is, on the contrary, the volume needs to be done in the area of hips. A-line and empire style dresses will help. Flounces, drapes, basques and fluffy skirt, like the balloon-skirt are vital here.


Broad shoulders visually will reduce the V-neckline. The square neckline and straps are not desirable.



When there are narrow shoulders and hips, in the first place it is necessary to highlight the waistline. All decorative items (beads, sparkles, and applications) – they are all yours. Ideally, you have to create the volume and the top and the bottom part of your body.


For short girls

For short girls designers have created models of short evening dresses of all kinds of variations. One of these is the high waistline and bright color scores.


The skirt should be straight or slightly flared. It is better to refuse large and sophisticated pattern cut.


Floor-length dresses also permissible if the skirt covers the heel and the silhouette is form-fitting.


If you add to your image high heels, no one will notice your low stature, and you yourself will forget about this little feature of your constitution.


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How to Dress Up for Different Occasions for Christmas Parties

It is prohibited to lose sight of the character of the New Year’s or Christmas party and the overall theme. This refers not only to the comfort and the relevance of the dress, but it affects some of the traditions and superstitions.

The corporate party

bwdrThe corporate party requires you to not only comply with decency and prudence in the choice of dress but also taking care of the future. It is the dress you will meet the New Year depends on your future achievements and victories.

To gain good fortune and get a new, more interesting work, you should choose a white dress. It will symbolize a new period in your life that you can start with a clean slate. This can be a job promotion, getting a new position or a radical change of work.

To achieve wage rise could be due to the metallic luster of your dress or presence in the form of jewelry (gold, platinum).

Ballroom theme in celebration of the New Year is the perfect occasion to choose a magnificent dress, which is usually associated with a fairy tale. Just think about how surprised would be your colleagues, who are used to seeing you in trouser suits and stringent dresses.

For serious goals, you’ll need serious preparation. Aiming at the position of a chief? This will require strict evening dress, woven of elegance and decorated with expensive jewelry.

Women, who hold high positions, should not choose candor or adolescent carelessness. But excessive strictness also would be inappropriate. Save the mystery, which can be realized into bare shoulders, long cut to hips, seductive neckline or transparent insets. Choose one thing and then your image will be filled with harmony, style, and sophistication.

Club party

cocktClub party suggests several options for a suitable outfit. For example, in some cases, it would be the appropriate dress of medium length. Although in most cases it is better to choose from cocktail short dresses, which can have a bright print.

If you prefer longer-colored outfits, then colorful accessories will be very appropriate.

New Year’s Party with your family

In the family circle, many celebrate the New Year, without puzzling with a choice of attire. The most relevant in this case is self-restraint, traditionalism, and hint at an evening dress code. The length should be short or midi.

All this is good, useful and necessary to know every girl, but first, it is necessary to listen to your heart and feel the body. Whatever the elegant attire, it still has to be comfortable and at the same time you, and then all the rest should like crazy in the first place.


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Festive Dresses: Fashion Trends

Agree that we rarely use the dresses for the big event. You can put them on one or two times, and they are hanging in the closet, recalling the beautiful moments of our lives.

Taking into account the impracticality of such investments, the majority of us do not buy dresses for the grand parade and wear dresses for the so-called small events. This does not mean that they are less beautiful, but they are not as pompous and due to this they are more widely used.


The main precept of the evening dress is the fabrics. Style can be extremely simple, even the ascetic one, but if the fabric belongs to the smart range, in such a dress you will look spectacular and elegantly.

In the first place here is lace. This material is like no other, emphasizes your femininity. Lace and guipure are translucent, they allow you to make out the woman’s body, it is with this they excite and attract. Lace can be thin or thick, more or less translucent – in any case, it will make your look elegant and attractive.

winThe cut can be simple and unpretentious. Fashionable wine color and graceful scallops at the bottom give the elegance to the dress.

It is necessary to mention that today it is not expected to wear a lot of jewelry with lace dresses. The material is so good on its own, that sometimes the jewelry seems superfluous.

The popular now “childish” style: dress slightly extended to the bottom, the waist is not defined, and it is all about lace.

Very feminine model. Flounces make it that way in the form of wings and a softly pleated skirt completes the impression. And, of course, the divinely beautiful guipure of an exquisite cranberry color.

Large neckline in combination with a thick black guipure – it’s always a win-win variant. The fluffy pleated skirt improves the feeling of femininity.

The spectacular evening fabric

Elegant evening fabric is another way to create an evening image. Among such materials are often used velvet , chiffon fabric with lurex, sequins, embroidery, extravagant ornaments, etc.

I repeat: a style at the same time can be extremely simple. Unnecessary details and the cut peculiarities are not needed, they just distract from the entire image.

Simple cut dress, which is made of chiffon, decorated with luxurious embroidery with sequins. Under it is a dark underdress.

Silk plays a major role in fabric with beautiful floral ornament. The bottom and the sleeves of the dress are completed with lace.


wineBareback is a very popular trend now. The dress from the front looks modest and closed, and when the woman turns – oh, my God! – It turns out that she has an opened back . It looks so sexy and unexpectedly, causing men to lose the gift of speech.

Especially beautiful it looks with black dresses. The combination of the smooth feminine skin with black fabric makes the contrast, the skin as if glowing!

Marvelous dresses with long sleeves fully closed in front, and with a large cut on its back. Silhouette with flared skirt makes it extremely feminine. It has so much delicacy and sex … The dress of dreams!
Another variant concerning the bareback. Low triangular cutout will underline the symmetrical draperies. Velvet fabric fits the body and enhances the feeling of elegance.

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