How to choose a dress for prom

Prom dress is the first most important dress in life of any girl. This day every schoolgirl dreams to choose the perfect outfit, and for this it is necessary to remember few rules.

Traditionally, for every girl who graduates school, the main issue at the end of graduation class is the choice of prom attire. Many schoolgirls wonder how to choose your ideal model of dress, whether to follow the fashion trends, or it is better to start from their own individuality.

The easiest way in this matter is to keep the classical approach, becoming a holiday princess. To do this, the easiest way to pick a long dress with a fluffy skirt, in other words, A-line dresses. This model is suitable for almost all the girls. Such classic silhouettes with decollete, pointedly flying thin waist and hems are the cornerstone. But at the same time they have acquired a new meaning. Primarily, it is because of the defiantly expensive and fine fabrics, bright colors and floral prints. At the same time, if you want to raise your image in a different style, you can take the risk.

The absolute favorite of all the designers is lace, straight silhouette and translucent elements. These dresses are classified as high-risk gowns, as they can stress body flaws. But if you have a perfectly shaped body, it is possible to take the risk, noting your playfulness and daring.

Also lovers of experimentation can turn their attention to unusual outfits with asymmetrical hem that remain favorites for all fashionable girls. These dresses give the image of femininity lightness and allow showing beautiful legs and they emphasize the delicacy of the body. Herewith, stylists say that the young lady should pay attention both to those embodiments in which the hem is clearly recorded in the dress, and those dress models where there is a detachable train. The second option may allow easily turn the dress into a cocktail evening variant, and will help to find a compromise when girls can not decide between the mini and maxi variants. At the same time, it is necessary to remember that while trying a dress, you should pay attention, whether it reduces the visual height, as well as the emphasis on the legs requires elegant high heel shoes.

Dress with a fluffy skirt that covers the knee, emphasize the waist and at the same time can hide imperfect thighs. The best shoes for this image can become boat shoes.
But do not forget that this style requires a special treating. If you overdo it with the details or choose too heavy fabric, the image may be too vintage and not quite appropriate for prom image as a dress can visually throw schoolgirl several decades of years, making her strict lady. But if you choose the dress of bright color with a light floral print, it is vice versa will emphasize youth and femininity of its owner.
зав талия1.jpg
Of course, do not forget about the playful and short cocktail options. For selfless dancing at the prom the evening dress won’t suite, but the cocktail dress would be the perfect choice. Fashion for such dresses is various. Designers richly decorate dresses with inlays of their brocade, stones, crystals, sequins, embroidery and lace, that dresses won’t look too boring.

In turn, the classic sheath dress is suitable for more serious girls. This model appeared long time ago and is still an integral part of the wardrobe of any fashionable girl. The reason for the prevalence is the universality of the dress. The dress is perfect for any event, for the solemn event, a romantic date, and business occasions and successfully emphasizes the natural beauty of a woman.

Girls of plump forms are recommended the dress model of half-close silhouette. The choice of fabrics is various: starting from dense texture to stretch fabric (flax, wool, and even satin-stretch). This dress can be complemented with playful Basque, which also gives the image of light and hides the flaws in the hips, emphasizing the subtlety of the waist.

Meanwhile unsurpassed classics are still dresses in Greek style. This style his out of competition again, as it always looks stylish and elegant in any situation. At the same time this type of dresses are perfect for any body type. Those who have perfect forms, this dress can perfectly accentuate the dignity, it can add a couple of centimeters to slender girls, and it can help to hide flaws to plump girls. To find such a dress one should remember the elements that distinguish the Greek dress from the others – it is a free cut, overestimated waist, pleats, drapes, and most important – a laconic unobtrusive decor in the style of ancient Greece. This dress can be both with a harness on shoulders, and without them, with a neck girth. It is this model emphasizes the chest line very well. These dresses are made of light translucent fabrics, such as silk, silk chiffon, chiffon. It looks best in dairy or pastel colors.

As for the colors, one has the choice. For such an occasion, as prom, dresses are allowed of all tints from rich red to pastel pink.

At the same time, it is better to refuse choosing white colors, preferring milky or ecru. Meanwhile, do not ignore the multi-color models, as well as dresses with floral prints or bulky items.

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