How to choose a cocktail dress

Nowadays a cocktail dress one can wear to different occasions. For example, it is possible to wear them to social events, conferences, negotiations, and to the office. But the question is how to select the most appropriate style.
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One of the variants is one-shoulder dress, or off-the-shoulder dress, that is more appropriate for summer party. The choice is big enough. Everything depends on your desires and a particular situation.

Fabric choice

Choose the fabric carefully. Light silk and elegant chiffon are considered to be the most popular and general options. Velvet is quite heavy fabric, but it is this material can help to create the elegant and unique image. The fabric choice depends on the format of the event and the type of placement. If you presume, that it would be hot or stuffy, it would be better to refuse dense textures.


Decide the dress length. The maximal length is 2 inches higher than your ankle. If you have slender legs, you can choose a shorter variant, but the skirt must be lower than the fingertips when your hands are down, otherwise you will feel uncomfortable and awkward.
кокт платье1
The dress shouldn’t be tight, and decollete neckline shouldn’t be too deep. You have to feel comfortable in your gown in the first place. Otherwise, the most enjoyable party would turn into torment. Choose your dress exactly to your body, not the models in the magazines.

Dress color

The color of the dress can be various, but remember, that dark colors make your body slenderer and create rigorous and businesslike image. If you believe, that the nature had deprived you with feminine forms, then it would be better to choose bright and bold colors – they make your body more volume visually.


Choosing a dress, don’t forget about the accessories. The classic good general option is lace-up high-heeled shoes and small clutch bag on a chain.

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