Gorgeous dresses from Nika Formals

nika formalNIKAFormals is a fashion house, which tailors thoroughly thought over dresses and mentioning all the details. They develop brand-new and fashion-oriented dresses. The company leadership believes that women are proud of owning dresses from the fashion house Nika Formals, as the dresses are embroidered with beads by hands. The dresses are of very high quality. The fashion house gets its inspiration in women who truly appreciate the grace, elegance, and their own essence. The company’s motivation is not following the fashion trends, but to establish them. The fashion house Nika Formals is not only a prosperous venture, but also a charitable brand. They make donations to the needs of communities and support several charitable organizations. The company has its own charitable fund. It was founded by their designer, Niki Kapoor. It is called S.E.E.D. that is Social empowerment, evolution and development.

The fashion house designer

Niki Kapoor is an outstanding, creative and talented clothes designer, who made the fashion house Nika Formals a worldwide famous. Niki’s workings are always unique and leading in the fashion sphere. Niki became famous for her ability to create a unique design for the dresses, which leaves indelible impression, and at the same time, nika formalsdresses still look very womanly. Her works are unique combinations of a modern style, blended with a vintage style. Her gowns always have clean lines and trendy style with a fresh look that sets her work apart from her peers. Niki Kapoor is a worldwide famous designer. One can find her designs in more than 17 countries, in three continents. Niki is a very qualified designer of fashion-oriented dresses for prom, and women, who are confident in their style. Niki designs are for women of all ages who do not wish to follow trends, instead wish to set them.

A wide range dresses for different occasions are represented at the web-site http://parisdress.com/

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