5 simple ways to extend legs visually

удлиненные ноги.jpgTips how to make your legs visually longer with the help of properly chosen shoes and clothes.
Many of the fair sex wants to seem taller and slimmer. To make your legs visually longer, you can use 5 simple tips.

1.    Wear beige shoes. Beige shoes blend with your skin tone, which helps to make legs longer visually.
2.    Wear tops and midi-skirts in one color. A blouse and midi-skirt in one color help to stretch silhouette visually.
3.    Wear jackboots. Jackboots in combination with a dress or a skirt help to make your legs longer visually.
4.    Wear off-the-shoulder tops, shorts, and “sneakers”. An off-the-shoulder blouse in combination with beige shorts and sneakers is a gown which helps to make legs платье в пол.jpglonger visually.
5.    Wear maxi dresses. Girls who want to seem taller and slimmer should prefer long dresses.

To seem taller and slimmer there is no need to wear high heels all the time. Properly chosen clothes, shoes and accessories will help the fair sex visually increase their height.

Many nice dresses that will make your lega visually longer can be found at http://parisdress.com/

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