Fashionable Lawlessness

7 laws of fashion which are to be broken

contemporaryThe stylists have been teaching for many years everymen how to dress up. Bloggers and designers say: forget. Preachment leave in the past: let’s figure out which interdictions don’t exist anymore.

Caftan dress, sleep-dress, banian dress, jumpsuit, fur slippers: from the very beginning of the summer these fashionable products had firmly occupied place in the wardrobes of those who in any case have to keep up with fashion. However, even if you don’t have any of the above mentioned stuff, it is OK. It is easier now to look like a fashionable person: the main trend of 2016 is freedom. Moreover – permissiveness! Here gathered 7 fashionable laws which now can be broken. The main fashionable law is lawlessness.

Now we can

Wear sandals with socks

If last year to wear thin socks with sandals meant to challenge the society, then today, it is quite a socially approvable way to put on shoes in fashionable and beautiful way, suitable and women, and for men. Let retrogrades tremble and delete posts from blogs, ridiculing those who like to wear white socks under sport sandals: their gibes are no longer relevant. Socks with sandals were legalized on “spring-summer 2017” men fashion weeks, held in February. The “spring-summer 2017” fashion weeks had fastened the trend: sporty high socks perfectly emphasize thin ankles and slender calves of young people, sports sandals hint at the love for active leisure.

Cute, touching, but, keep in mind you, this obliges: socks must be perfectly clean.

And don’t forget: black synthetic socks with stretched out elastic band and cheap Chinese flip-flops hadn’t become fashionable yet.

Wear a dress over trousers

Tunics of mid-thigh length no one had prohibited. And dresses and skirts in combination with trousers had always looked oddly: a girl in such a gown looked like unable to make the simplest decision – eventually, is it so hard to choose something between? It has been always, but not now: street-style photographs had pictured enough cases of breaking this rule. The trend is obvious. Now you haven’t to suffer with the choice.

Short wide skirt and pants-pipes. Tight dress of medium length and tight jeans. Light chiffon skirt of knee-length and ankle-length jeans. Dress in the style of the 70’s and bell-bottoms. Who said it is foolishly? It is fashionably!

Combine black with dark blue or brown

Some time ago to wear black with brown and deep dark blue was a crime against fashion. Black overcoat and brown bag? Oh no, not this. But, in fact, why not, if it is a proper tone of brown that looks good with black? And what’s wrong with deep dark blue, that one cannot wear it with black leather pants? Again, street fashion confirms: you can.

A perfect variant – if your garments would be of different textures or if clothing colors are complemented with another color accessories.jumpsuit

Deep dark-blue midi skirt and black crop-top, dark blue blazer and black pants-pipes and wrap over and black leather jacket: is all of this can be prohibited?

To appear in public in a tracksuit

This year in April one of the American TV presenters went on the air wearing blazer and training pants with stripes, realizing the fashionable designers’ dream: Vetements and Stella McCartney can celebrate. Training pants with white shirt, suiting for office will turn into elegant evening gown if you’ll change the shirt with top with American armhole. One can like or hate the sport chic, but it is the hottest trend.

Now we cannot laugh at girls wearing plush sports suits: as it turned out they are well versed in fashion.

The main thing is sport suit wasn’t a cheap one, sweat pants from ware market are not suitable.

Choose off-size clothes

No, too small is still prohibited. Due to objective reasons: trying to squeeze into a shirt or jeans a size smaller, you emphasize body flaws – forcing to bulge wrinkles, which probably, does not exist.

And to sink in huge shirt with sleeves to the knees or to wrap yourself in very broad pants, where, if desired, you can fit one more person – it is fashionable and beautiful.

But don’t forget to gird yourself. Oversize clothes is not only the salvation for those who feel shy of his or her body (a plump body in it, by the way will look plumper, so for plump girls it isn’t a good variant). It is a fashionable way to feel comfortable: for those, who hates when the armpits are squeezed with a tight sleeve. It is a perfect variant for them.

Wrap yourself in your granny’s jerseys

Well, OK: not your granny’s, but fashionable cardigans – anyway, it has always been tough to look fashionable and elegantly in thick jersey. Now cardigans look in such a way, that even fashion observers don’t feel shy to wear warm large knitted jersey in conditions that this jersey is of below knee length and has a leopard pattern.

Very long cardigans with knitted scythes pattern look very chicly (they allow to wear sleep-dress and not to get cold) and shape-keeping cardigan-jackets of jacquard knitting.

Wear T-shirts with rock-groups logos

Actually, to wear a T-shirt with “Metallica”, “Ace of Base” or “AC/DC”, if you are older than 15 years old, was completely indecently. It was. The exception was only for programmers, unfashionable guys-hipsters and their girl-friends, as well as separate freedom-loving individuals who fashionable law does not apply, but the majority of people of goodwill hid shirts with Marilyn Manson and Nirvana away in the closet once settled on the first job.

Now everything has changed: if you ever wanted to buy a t-shirt with Kurt Cobain, Sex Pistols or Metallica, do not limit yourself.

In the coming fashion weeks you as fashion bloggers who had launched a trend, will be dressed cooler than everyone. Especially if you wear under ordinary T-shirt a shirt with long sleeves, add it all with rolled up jeans and elegant pumps. Perfectly – if the shirt will be vintage, with some of Metallica tour in 1993.

With dresses from you’ll always look fashionable and in trend!

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