Mermaid dress

Mermaid dress is a long, tight-fitting over the whole body dress with flared skirt below the knee. This style is representative of the fashion of 50’s years, it became the ancestor of Princess style, with the only difference being that Princess skirt extends from the waist to the bottom smoothly, and mermaid dress – abruptly from the knee.

mermaid dress

Black mermaid dress

At first glance it may seem that all models of mermaid dresses are of the same type, but in reality they are not. Despite the consistently tight-fitting silhouette, tops of the dresses can be very different – with bare shoulders, with thin or thick straps, one strap on the shoulder or across the neck.

One of the most important jewelry of the mermaid dress is back, it can be completely bare, can have an asymmetric neckline of original form, different kinds of weave and the like. In addition, these dresses can have notch on one or both sides at the waist that looks wonderful on slender girls. The most frequent mermaid dresses are sleeveless or
long form-fitting sleeve that perfectly combines with a round neck or collar-small stands.

Style of the mermaid dresses is one of the variants of the festive and evening wear; such dresses are not usually worn in everyday life. That is why they are made of expensive and casting in light fabrics – silk, satin. Colors may vary, but mostly they are often monotonous. Modern fashion designers offered an interesting option of a mermaid dress lined with a different color from the underlying tissue. Especially effectively such colors look on dresses with high slits on one foot – walking slit and develops original print appears to the gaze of others.

mermaid dr.jpg

Gorgeous flower-print mermaid dress

To dilute the severity of Mermaid dress can a large flower or a chic bow, located on the bodice, embroidery at the waist and hips, and other decorations.

For whom a mermaid dress is suitable

Secret of the mermaid dresses is that they have built-in a separate corset that pulls the waist and transforms virtually any body in the hourglass silhouette – the standard of femininity throughout fashion history. Dress, resembling a Trompet, slims the body and visually pulls it, so it can be safely put on the girl with a not quite perfect figure, which is, for example, rectangular or pear-shape body of middle completeness.

This style makes the emphasis on the hips, so if you do not feel very confident releasing this part of the figure, it is better to abandon this model. It is for this reason mermaid dress does not fit girls with a figure such as Apple- and Pear-body shape. Also, do not choose this style for women with a body type of Inverted Triangle – when fitting hips, mermaid dress highlights too clearly the already broad shoulders, making a figure even more disproportionate.

One of the important requirements of the mermaid dress is an elongated silhouette, so it looks best at high or medium height, slender girls. Women below the average growth will have to wear a long skirt and pretty high heels.

With what one should wear a mermaid dress

Evening dresses are known to require the presence of decorations and mermaid dress isn’t an exception. Beautifully will look the dress with small earrings, a chain or necklace and an elegant bracelet made of precious metals and natural stones.

Shoes for such a dress should be neat and tidy and always heels. It can be soft shoes or sandals in the color of the basic attire, and heel height should be proportional to the growth, that is, the lower the growth of the girl, the higher should be the heel.

One of the necessary accessories for mermaid dress is a small handbag-clutch, which makes the image complete, feminine and charming.

To keep warm during cold evening, especially in the mermaid dress with an open back, you can pick up to it a light shawl.

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  1. Olya says:

    Nice dresses, I like this style of evening dresses, it is so feminine!


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