Creating an Expensive Outfit Look

Hello, my dear readers and guests of my blog! Today I prepared for you an article, which I hope, would be interesting for many of you. How to look expensive at a low price? A topic, I think, interesting for every girl. I’ve made a list of simple, but very important details of your look.

So, let’s begin:
1. The appropriate-size clothes.
This is an incredibly important point! If you want a high quality image, then choose clothes strictly of your size. Not larger, not smaller, just in size. Even if the store has remained the last skirt, but a little larger, take it, but do not forget to take it to the atelier to fit the size of yours. It’s not so expensive, but the view will be immediately improved.
2. Give up the “acidic” colors.
In my personal opinion, too bright colors are for kids, but not for the elegant and stylish girl!


Classic evening dress

3. Cleanliness and tidiness.
This paragraph is banal, but it is very powerful! Clothes should be without stains, not faded, not wrinkled. And a little perfume, quite a bit. No need to be watered so that people shied away. Observe the measure 🙂
No pellets, extended knees and elbows! Do not regret, throw such clothes away!
4. Classic style for the basic wardrobe items.
Jackets, skirts, shirts, choose a simple cut, with no decorative frills, only classic colors or noble cage.
Of course not everyone has the opportunity to buy at that price, I would say more that most do not have such an opportunity, but still you can find at a good price nice things. For example, site has many interesting models for different occasions of your festive life. There are evening, cocktail, prom, and even wedding dresses. Moreover, it is very pleasant to me, even the most capricious girl can find a variant that would satisfy her completely! Such suits will look beautiful today, and in 3 years! “Classic” in one word. have costumes also for plump ladies.
Very nice site, great quality!
5. Try to choose things according to the type of complexion.
Take the time and determine who you are: winter, spring, summer or fall? And try to adhere to certain colors that are part of your personal selected type of complexion.
6. Remove the synthetics.
There are many inexpensive things made of cotton and linen.
7. Maximum of one print in the image.
This includes prints, cells, and multicolored fabrics. Choose something one, everything else should be one- color.
8. White.
White things look very noble. Create a snow-white image and all the attention will be focused only to you!



Black dress for prom with jewellery

9. Jewellery.

An important rule: if you want to dress bright and garish jewelry, then your image should be as neutral as possible. Or, on the contrary, neutral decoration + bright image.

10. Less rhinestones, sequins and lurex.
In casual clothes is all it looks very cheap.

11. Sport.
Exercise! all things look great on sports, or simply slim body. Select at least 5 minutes a day for 5 minutes and press to squats. Your body will thank you!

12. Manicure.
The varnished nails always add well-grooming to the image. If you do not like colored nails, simply cover them with clear enamel. Hands will immediately be transformed!

13. Appropriate Clothes.
To work in business-style clothing, for rest in light clothing, for some events in elegant clothing. Now there is a large selection of beautiful dresses, and of course the price is quite different.
For girls who prefer to be in the spotlight, I would advise to choose a dress in red.
For those who do not like long dresses they have shorter model.

14. Hair.
Do not grudge for your hair care. No cross-section of excess of hairspray. Hair must look vivid and healthy.

15. Relaxation.
You should be as relaxed and easy. No nervousness and congestion. An expensive image cannot be combined with despondency and dissatisfaction with life!
I hope you liked the article. I’ll be glad to read your opinion in the comments!

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