15 style tips:

%d1%81%d1%82%d0%b8%d0%bb1. Fashionable hair color – uniform and of natural tints. Forget about the streaking and different hair colors.

2. The best modern and elegant set for every day is a simple coat with well-defined shoulder girdle, a pencil-skirt, pumps.

3. Manicure with painting or rhinestones is a bad form. All that is called “nail design» is totally unfashionable and completely tasteless.

4. Jeans should be smooth and corrective. They need to improve your body, making you slimmer and your legs – longer. Forget about the jeans with embroidery, sequins and lace.

5. Purple color goes well with bottle-green, cold pink, lilac, beige, gray, azure or even red colors.

6. Tops and blouses must be reasonably firm. They can be with open neckline or sleeve, but your body should not be seen through the fabric.

7. If you have large bottom, you will suit wide trousers, tight at the hips, and pencil-skirts.


Shiny dress

8. Do not use one set of floral pattern for several times, for example, with a skirt and with a blouse.

9. Choosing the classics, buy things, of the perfect size. Classic must be sublime.

10. Translucent things look vulgar and disfigure the body. But if you really like the translucent blouses, it is necessarily requires a flirty jacket to cover up your body a little.

11. Fur thing should not be merged with the hair color, it looks ridiculous.

12. For evening going out the clothes should shine only one thing – a dress or accessories.

13. The flat sole shoes – a sign of housewives and oligarchs. If you define you to neither of above mentioned, put on high heels shoes.

14. Plump girls can not wear low waistline jeans, they visually shorten the body. It is better to choose the classic jeans and all kinds of skirts and dresses.

15. If you need an elegant look, do not take a big bag, even if it suits in color and form is good. It would look better any size clutch or small neat purse.%d0%b2-%d1%81%d1%82%d0%b8%d0%bb%d1%8c

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