Beautiful evening dresses for New 2017 Year – tips and advice on choosing

new-yCapricious fashion is like the weather: fickle and unpredictable. However, with a relatively small arsenal of knowledge, tips, and fantasy it is possible to gain an accessed to the “podium” of New Year’s party in a dress that will make you irresistible and unique, in every sense of the word – the queen of the ball.

Trends that will be relevant while selection of New Year dresses are known now. It remains quite a bit: to collate the preparations for the upcoming celebration with oriental horoscope. According to it, the owner of 2017 becomes the Rooster, and not simple, but Fire.

It is expected that the year host would be, incredibly bright and active. Any activity pulls many changes in life. All these changes will be beneficial to you on one condition – a strong friendship with the Fire Rooster!new-year

How to choose the color of the dress?

Choosing a general concept for the dress in the New Year’s Eve, it should include the components of elegance, extravagance and brightness simultaneously. At the same time the style refinement and originality are encouraged. These qualities will be appreciated by your guests, who will mark the individuality and catchiness of your attire, which contain all the trends of the fashion

First, of course, choose the color. Rooster is a big-eyed creature, and first of all he will evaluate you visually, relating either to friends or to enemies in color. And if you do not want to fall into the category of predators, which the Rooster bewares of, then immediately exclude from the future outfit all that is related to dark green, brown, dark blue, purple and black.

Therefore, your New Year’s dress should be friendly to the year host, namely – include elements of white, red, yellow, purple and orange.

Brightness in any form is welcomed, especially if it generally resembles a multi-colored rainbow palette. So vivid diversity and individuality, originality and boldness – they will bring you an indispensable success.

“Colored” Secrets and Tips

newThe main “color” secret – it is an indispensable presence in the palette of your dress the gold color! It was it who gained the top fashion designers “citation” in the coming 2017. This choice will definitely lead you to furor and enthusiastic recognition of your refined taste!

Of course, it is not recommended to overload the dress with gold. It will be much more effective if you only supplement the current white dress with a golden necklace or a brooch. It is recommended to complete a compelling design with bright red color shoes.

The following piece of advice for those who are always prefers black color when choosing attire, which is a kind of your status quo. For fans the recommendation is simple: black color wouldn’t be dark and irrelevant, if we apply a trick, “making it easier” with its organic combination with red, yellow and orange colors and their tints. Of course, the brighter and lighter such a tint – the better, and exquisite the golden jewelry, very appropriate for this combination will give you a chance for the title of queen of the ball!

And more: in addition to not losing relevance of white color, you probably will get to the point, choosing a red New Year dress. And if you choose the maximum of color saturation, you won’t need the additional jewellery.

New Year dress: trends in 2017

The doubtless leader among the novelties of the coming year, according to the designers, will become velour and velvet. There is a reason to think that the use of these fabrics. The symbol of the changing fashion of 2017 – is a dress, where golden beads and bright stitched thread is used in the ornamentation. But the greatest respect, according to experts, will be given to New Year’s golden accessories.

Another novelty for a holiday party – a dress of mini format, made of shimmering satin. Perhaps an excellent opportunity to experiment!

Quite another matter – women, preferring clear-cut styles. For this category of our readers it is offered a classic form-fitting where moderately added golden accessories. Follow the professionals’ advice – and you will create the festive celebrations your own original atmosphere and individuality!

Evening dresses

This triumph of imagination and perfection is ideal for those whose holiday playground of the New Year’s Eve is a restaurant or a state reception. The speech is about the long and luxurious evening dress. Maximum popularity continues to use the A-line dresses where shoulders are open, and skirt is long and lush. Of course, for such a dress needs expensive fabric. Ideally suit silk, satin or velvet.

The greatest preference in the choice of colors should be given to red and golden tones. For long classic strapless dresses of the floor-length, calm tint is recommended. Accessories in the form of earrings, bracelets and necklaces are preferred. If you chose the Empire style or the Greek style, use belt with a large and bright buckle.

If the event is significant and responsible, it necessary to select as the main priority the comfort factor. This referrers to those cases where the splendor of the model or other inconveniences can negate the main objective of the whole holiday – to relax and have fun from the heart.

Tips when choosing a cocktail dress I have already written here

Dresses for the “sweet” women

In an effort to celebrate the New Year merrily and impressive all women are equal – slim and having excess weight. For the plum girls the very first advantage here is that outfit for the plump lady, is sexy itself. But this does not mean that when the choice may be bad taste.

In favor – fiery colors, which combined with the “sweet” features pieces, will have a stunning effect. Recommended colors from rich chocolate to Bordeaux, including all tints of orange, coral and purple. Host of the Year – Fire Rooster – does not like darkness, and it should be considered in the selection of the palette.

Experts, despite the classic requirements, still tend to remove all the bans on the use of metalized fabrics. Of course, it is necessary to observe the measure here. Mix and match! Thus, you will perfectly hide all the unnecessary “details” of your body.
Acceptable light flicker – and your uniqueness will be appreciated! For problem areas – contrasting insets. Striped dresses, a luxurious chest, V-type cut-out, round neck, a floor-length style, a skilful combination of multidirectional lines – all this will make you irresistible at the most important party of the Fire Rooster Year!


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