10 Tricks for a Flawless Gait on Heels


1. Make small steps

To look elegant, you need to make small, slow steps, without bending your knees more than usual. If you try to walk well, as we usually do in comfortable shoes, it will look as unnatural gait. So if you have decided on an extreme altitude, you’ll have taken your time.

2. Step from heel to toe

For your gait to look more natural, it is necessary to tread not the whole foot but first on the heel, and then gently tread a toe. Once the arch of the foot takes your weight, move it forward as if about to tiptoe, and then push down to make a new step.

3. Keep your back straight.

It is impossible to imagine a beautiful woman without beautiful posture. To do so, straighten your shoulders; keep the chin parallel to the floor. Then the abdominal muscles will strain, your abdomen will be retracted, you will look slimmer and lighter in weight.

4. Walk in a straight lineheels

In order to achieve a gait of fashion model, you need to imagine that there is a straight line is drawn ahead and follow it. The leg place directly in front of the other foot, toes look straight, in such a way, your hips will slightly rock. You’ll have to work out, but it’s worth it: all men will turn round to look at you.

5. Preparing to leave home

If there is a significant event ahead (a wedding, for example), some things you need to do in advance to look perfect: work-out to walk. For an entire evening on high heels was not extreme for you, and that on the bottom there were minor scratches and your shoes became less slippery, tread them out. Not trodden shoes + staying on your feet all night long = nightmare. There are several ways to soften new shoes: wear wool socks, a new pair of shoes and walk so for 10 minutes. Become familiar with ladder. When you get down – tread with full foot, when you go up – tread only with toe. Use comfortable insoles and linings. If after trying on, you realized that it slides somewhere and insole could be more comfortable, do not spare the time and money for the accessories. In such a way, you will preserve both your shoes and feet.

hee.jpg6. Learn to stand on heels

It is important not only to be able to walk, but also to stand on heels nicely. To do this, the heel of one foot to put to the middle of the foot the other foot at an angle. Then move the weight on toes to which the other leg heel placed, and as soon as the leg gets tired, shift the weight to the other leg.

7. Give rest for your legs

To walk as much and long as possible, it is better to make a break from time to time. It is better not to take off your shoes: tired legs swell quickly; it can be painful to put on shoes again.

8. Do not overuse high heels

Alternate different heel height, but give the preference to wear comfortable shoes. Constant wearing of stiletto heels may be harmful for health.

9. Choose the right shoes

If you all of your life walked in sneakers, do not rush into the maelstrom with your head, and immediately buy 10-cm stiletto high heels. Start with a more sustainable and low heel (5-7 cm). Pay your attention to the wedged-heeled shoes and shoes with a strap around the ankle: they are more comfortable because foot less slides while wearing them and it is easier to maintain the balance.

10. Pick the correct size

Nothing will save the gait in tight shoes, so do not buy shoes, if you feel it just a little tight. When choosing between large and a little tight shoes, make choice in favor of that is larger: it can be worn with liner. And a pair of tight shoes, nothing will save them, and you will regret about your purchase.


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2 Responses to 10 Tricks for a Flawless Gait on Heels

  1. meinheels says:

    First ever time I’ve come across one of these posts where I agree with all of the advice! Very well written.


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