How to choose a dress for a plump woman?

plumThis invariable question is asked by many women every day. A well-chosen dress emphasizes the feminine, can make accurate, elegant image and emphasize the playful flirting, make light up the men’s eyes with passion or make a languid mystery. Therefore, since ancient times, the constant and the main attribute in the women’s wardrobe of is just a dress.

Unfortunately, not all women can boast with a perfect body, slim elegant legs, a small waist or high chest. However, the board of dresses models today is so diverse that even very fat women can pick up beautiful attires that accentuate their advantages and hide many of the disadvantages.

Women with a plump body should not dress in loose baggy clothes of vaguely gray or dark color. The color of dress should be selected according to the skin tone, eyes, and hair. Among bright colors burgundy, blue, red, purple and pink will look very good. And as for the clothes of mustard, bodily or beige tints, it is better to exclude them from the wardrobe.

plAlso, there should not be large colorful pictures, cells or strips on the dress. They make your body plumper. It is better to choose a fabric with small patterns, muted cell or strip.
For a dress to fit perfectly, for plump women is very important to select the underwear correctly. The correct size and shape of the bra will not drag you, creating extra wrinkles, and enhance the beauty of your breasts. It is desirable to select panties of high landing, so they do not create protruding ridges at the hips and fit comfortable with your form without interfering with the movement. Also, do not buy underwear and clothes of smaller or larger size, it will create discomfort and would be a waste of money.

It is advisable to choose a dress of a simple cut with a straight or slightly cut silhouette. Dresses with empire waistline will fit when your waist is feebly marked. This dress can even fit the thighs. Also, you should avoid styles with thick belts around the waist, it is better to choose models with a slightly sagging thin belt or chain on hips.

pluBig beautiful breasts will emphasize a deep neckline with a round or V-neck. It is better to avoid square neckline. A small chest will help to hide the multi-layer necklace, and a bright accent to the hair (hairpin, bow) or neck (scarf, long beads) to distract attention from it.

Dress Length should not exceed the classic length – 5 cm to the knee, although it is considered to be the most optimal length is just below the knee. When there is a contrast of large stomach and very thin legs or very full and heavy legs it is better to increase the length of the dress.

Avoid straight skirts for the bottom part of the body does not look square. But models of dresses, a little flared from the hip line or slightly tapering, on the contrary, will look very good.

Lush wrinkles of floral dress colors from soft and light fabric will help to hide the abdomen. A good choice can be a dress of airy chiffon.

Choose and try on a new dress, feel it and after then buy. Dress refined clothes, charge everyone with a good mood and charm everyone with your beauty and femininity.

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