The combination of colors in clothes and weekday

week.jpgStyle. It is unlikely that someone does not know what it is, in a sense, the meaning of this word… And how to maintain it, to find and what to do with this not everyone knows. Because of the style – this is not the trousers from the latest collection of Armani, and understanding how they are good for you and how brilliantly you look wearing them. After all, no matter how beautiful and unique the thing is if it does not suit you, it’s chic nobody will notice. It is you who make it appealing, not the thing. And therefore, we must be able to look ourselves in the clothes, if this point is so important for you. And it’s not the fetishism. Everyone knows that they meet on clothes. From the first impression, sometimes, much depends on, especially if you, for example, came to get a job, or for the first time entered the office, or eventually, you are a new teacher in a difficult class… Fifty percent of those around one, who will pay attention to you, you will be appreciated the way you dress, your facial expressions, rather than what you will say (it’s only seven percent of people). And therefore, if you want to create a unique image, you have to work on your appearance.

I would like to touch on a topic that has come to us from other cultures (though not only) from the depths of time. These discoveries were made many centuries ago, but why would not we experiment. After all, who does not risk, that does not reach the peaks and, accordingly, does not fall, and who does not fall, he does not receive an invaluable experience, which is the engine of our lives.

weekdaySo, what do the connoisseurs of ancient beauty offer to us: to pay attention to the planets that patronize a certain day of the week and depending on it to select colors in the clothes, and then the day will develop never better and you will contribute to the success – the ancient sages thought so. Shall we check?

And if someone still decided to check how much truth Ayurveda spoke and ancient people, then I bring to your attention this article. It will help you understand what the planet weekdays accompany and how it affects the color of the clothes you are going to wear. The sages say that if the right combination of clothing color and day of the week, you will have good luck.

Monday is under patronizing of the Moon.weekd.jpg

From here, the different tones of yellow, cream, etc.

Tuesday is accompanied by Mars. I think everyone knows that it is red? Well. Tuesday’s tints are of red, pink, and the like.

Wednesday and the Mercury. This planet is responsible for education. And which color promotes learning? That’s right, green, and its tints. So, on Wednesday, we give preference to green.

Thursday. Jupiter (the planet is considered as the most favorable). Here opinions diverge concerning the colors. Some speak about blue, purple, indigo. In other sources – orange.

Friday. Venus is responsible for the Friday, the patron of lovers. On this day, give preference to clothes of blue, turquoise, red and even pink is also nice.

Saturn is responsible for the Saturday, heavy and slow planet. And though sometimes we don’t want to talk about the black color (because it is the color of mourning), but this day such color is the trend, and who does not love, does not want it, they can wear purple or dark blue.

Sunday is ruled by the Sun! Holiday! And the colors must match. Again, red is the trend.

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