Lace Dresses – Are They Suitable Only for Special Occasions?

Lace dresses are the opportunity to change radically the way boring image.

Worldwide famous fashion designers have tended to dress all women in lace, not only as evening dresses but also to diversify their everyday clothes, offering unusual colors and interesting style combinations. Let’s discuss, in what way their dreams may come true?

Lace dresses are out of fashion, out of time…

This airy fabric – lace – almost never goes out of fashion. The styles of clothing and fabrics destination only changed. If in 1950-1960s of the 20th century the word “lace” was associated with underwear, in the 1970s then sewed beautiful wedding and prom dresses of lace. Today dresses from this fabric – not necessarily long, form-fitting, and evening. These dresses are of free cut, form-fitted dresses, shirtdresses, A-line dresses. Such garments it is better to wear without jewelry, as a rich lace texture requires no extra accents. Shoes can be chosen of any style, from ballet shoes and loafers to gladiator sandals. For a romantic dress with ruffles and frills will suit espadrilles, for a “country” style dress – suede shoes. Lace dress today is not necessarily the summer clothing; it can be worn in cold weather if you find the right ensemble a jacket, a sweater, a jacket or a coat.

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