Style and Feminity in Wardrobe. Part 2. Unwomanly Styles

un1. Business Style

Strict business suits aim not to divide workers between men and women but to neutralize almost all the visual differences. Therefore, the styles of classical women’s business suits do not differ from men’s ones: angular shoulders, pants with straight arrows, of neutral and unwomanly colors. Such suits are able to “bear” only super womanish ladies, others they can turn into sexless creatures.

2. Military, Rock, Gothic

All of these styles are very popular among young people because they are filled with energy and express rebellion and protest. By the things of these styles are those that can be difficult to understand and accept by the community: aggressive accessories and jewelry, gloomy colors, rough textures, zippers, studs, buckles, men’s items, solid shoes. Of course, these styles in their pure form have nothing in common with femininity. They focus just on its suppression.

For lovers of these styles, I will note that adults wearing such things look rather comical than stylish if they are not related to their profession.

unwo3. Marine Style

The Marine style is beloved by fair sex. It emanates the romance of adventure and the sea freshness, thanks to its minimalism, a small number of colors and summer mood. However, the marine style is still a descendant of the variety of military uniforms, so does not carry a pronounced femininity. Due to the convenience of “marine” of clothes and shoes, it is more close to a sports style.

unw4. Ethnic and Hippies

The Western ethnic style is a full contrast to Orientalism. It includes a variety of natural materials – skins, leather, wood, natural handmade fabrics, feathers, raw stones and precious metals. The main objectives of the ethnic style are harmony with nature and comfort. Unfortunately, convenience and comfort are rarely compatible with femininity: it is not easy to walk around the woods wearing high heels and a slinky dress. Unlike orientalism, which set itself the task to express the beauty and richness of women and nature through the fabric, patterns, and decorations, western ethnic style, with rare exceptions, to the feminine style cannot be attributed. As the hippie style, which though is colorful, but, nevertheless, it is the style of “unisex”.

5. Sports Style

Sports style is not only a sportswear and footwear. For sports, style things are comfortable for an active lifestyle. These fabrics are generally not elegant and style is not overloaded with details. Sports style also pays little attention to decorations. The main purpose of sporty things: not to hinder movements and to be practical. It is the lack of complex parts and abandonment of decorations makes sports style unwomanly, even when it comes to skirts.

6. Safari and Wild West

Indiana Jones movies and the journey through the deserts – that’s what comes to mind when thinking about these styles. Again, there are adventures, energy, comfort, and practicality; natural rough fabric, bulky pockets, wide styles. Beauty and grace are not given attention. On the other hand, is much more important to awaken courage in women who are interested in this way of life.

Proper combination of feminine and unwomanly styles

As in everything, in femininity dosing, it is better to strive for “the golden mean”. No need to choose fully feminine outfits or to completely avoid femininity. Flexibility in your preferences and imagination will help you create unique and harmonious kits, which will be “neither add nor take away.” Here are some examples for inspiration.

1. The most common combination is a business suit with a feminine color, style, decoration or tissue. If your office does not have a strict dress code, it’s a great option to look both solid and feminine.

2. The combination of romantic or other feminine styles with a rock style.

3. Eastern vintage items or denim clothing or accessories of other styles.

4. The military style and lacy things.

In a word, there are no restrictions. The main rule is: do not overdo it. Feminine style dilute accurately with a “masculine” part. Soften “manly style” with a “feminine style”. Complete with a ratio of 50/50 may look strange and “conflict”, it is much more advantageous to use only a few accents if needed.

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