How to Buy a Dress for Prom?

prom-gownSchoolgirls and female students of graduating classes and courses have to be faced with a lot of trouble because they have to prepare not only for final exams but also to the prom. Efforts of preparing for prom, of course, are more pleasant than the rote learning of theory and multiple problems solving. However, to choose a dress to the prom is sometimes harder than to solve the equation. To give any help for future graduates, I have made recommendations to the girls who have to choose a dress to the prom.


How to choose a dress to the prom? Basic recommendations

1. Without extreme. Choosing a dress for prom, remember that your tastes and preferences will change over time, and photos and videos from the event will last a lifetime. If today young rebel likes the idea of “extreme” mini-dress, it does not mean that in two, five or ten years, she will not regret her choice. Remember that photos and videos will remain not only at you but also at all of your classmates, their friends and relatives. Many things in life can be changed, but if you miss with a prom dress – there will be no second chance.

For such a formal event like a graduation, you should choose an appropriate (that is a formal) outfit decent length, and high-necked to the extent. Your extreme ideas, if you have any, reserve for those outfits that you would wear to clubs and on dates.

2. The relevance and comfort. In your prom dress, you’ll have to spend much time. Wearing it, you’ll not only receive a certificate or diploma but also sit at the table and participate in photo shoots. Most likely, you’ll want to dance, and not just waltz. Think about how you will look in a, for example, a ball gown with a long train, when you start to dance to modern music.

lbd-blogProm party today is traditionally called a ball, though, but the event itself is more of a club party. Is it appropriate at the modern party a long luxuriant dress with a crinoline, which alike a wedding dress? Apparently, it is not.
Fashion designers, offering dresses for prom, as a rule, prefer light girlish dresses, which are convenient to whirl in a waltz, and to walk in the park, and to dance to contemporary hits.

3. Readiness for weather surprises. When choosing or ordering a prom dress is to pick up to it also a bolero, a blazer, or a palatine. The weather can surprise. If you pick or pre-order a bolero with sleeves and buy stockings, you will not scare the cold snap.

4. Color. Formal dress should include maximum two colors. Multi-colored prom dress, firstly, will hide your figure. Secondly, it will lose in the festivity, because according to tradition, on special occasions women wear outfits of monochromatic fabrics.

5. Easier, but better. The secret of a true woman is a simple outfit that fits perfectly than a splendid dress that emphasizes the disadvantages. The main thing is not to make an impression on the price of the dress a couple of girlfriends, but rather to please herself in the chosen dress.


Dress to the prom: choose the style and color

It would be better that the entire image is considered in one style. In advance, before the shopping trip or search a dressmaker, decide – what kind of image you want to create. Perhaps it will be a retro image of a girl from Chicago casino of the 1920s. Or maybe you want to feel like a Hollywood star on the red carpet or a James Bond girl.

To determine in advance the desired image, immediately come up with a rough style of dress, hairstyle, shoes, accessories and even makeup. And when you know exactly what you want, you can go shopping. Even if you do not find the dress, as you originally planned, you are bound to pick something similar, corresponding to the image of what was intended. And you will not become distracted by any pretty dress and try everything on.

weekdayColor also depends on the style, but primarily you need to take into account your own personal preferences and your type of appearance. If for example, blue suits a girl, and she decided to create the image of a sort of Barbie doll, she does not necessarily choose a pink dress.

It is possible to consider a purple option, or put on a blue dress, betting not on color but on style and accessories. As already mentioned, the main thing – to dress perfect fits you, and everything else is secondary.

If your class or course is friendly, you can beforehand choose the style altogether and pick outfits in accordance with it.

In this case, no one will stand out from the overall picture and feel uncomfortable. General photo shoots will be harmonious and conceptual.

For example, if you choose the style of disco, no one will come in the lush dress a la the bride at the wedding. Everyone will be in bright, slightly frivolous clothes. Some of the girls might even wear a trouser suit or elegant top with a skirt. If you select the idea with the secular-masquerade ball, all will be dressed in solid costumes and provide masks for themselves. The main thing is there will no ridiculous discordance and inconsistencies.

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