How to Buy a Prom Dress to Fit Your Body Shape

pr-bodDresses for the prom for girls with a “pear” body shape. Pears differentiate with a thin waist and wide hips, which are often problematic zones, which you want to distract the attention. For this purpose, is necessary to choose a dress of A-silhouette (trapeze dress). It should be a form-fitting dress – pears should emphasize that their advantage. But expanding skirt will hide the excessive width of the hips.

pr-bodyDresses for the prom for girls with an “inverted triangle” body shape. This figure differentiates with broad shoulders and narrow hips – the boyish type in general. The goal is to narrow shoulders and widen hips visually, thereby to make the body more feminine and seductive. Lush multilayered skirts, skirts with ruffles and drapes, etc will visually add volume to hips. Asymmetrical tops, one shoulder strap or oblique one shoulder – it all visually narrows the shoulders.

Dresses with asymmetrical skirt length – short in front, long in the back will also look good on you.

Dresses for the prom for girls with “apple” body shape. “Apple” body types have rather narrow hips and waist is not expressed, they are often marked by the presence of the plump belly and hips.

Your goal is to visually narrow your waist. If you are slim, you just select a dress with a wide belt; the belt should be darker than the dress.

pr-boIf you are thin, you can try to visually increase the top and bottom, that in itself is visually narrow the waist zone. Dresses with drapes and ruffles at the chest and hips will suit you.

Empire style dresses are perfect for plump “apples” – this style allows to hide all the excesses, and to have a regal look.

Empire is the so-called style of dress with a high waist. Wide flying skirt draped directly under the breast.

In general, the style of “Empire” fits everyone, with no exception both slender, and plump girls. Body type does not matter.

If you have a great figure and you have nothing to hide, but there is something to emphasize opt for a slinky “mermaid” dress style. Great emphasize your advantages and a short form-fitting dress or band-dress.

Remember one important rule: the shorter the skirt, the more should be closed top. And conversely, the deeper neckline and the more back is opened, the longer should be the skirt. Following this rule will allow you to show your key advantages, looking at the same time decently, respectable and even modestly.

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