Stylish Trends in our Lives

trenThis morning over a cup of coffee with one of my new friend we have been discussing the idea of our prosperity and the conquest of the world. And we have touched on the subject of what will be fashionable in the coming years. After all, you know that there are current trends, such as culottes, chokers, designers’ collections of this season, trend colors, but there is something that is fashionable in a certain environment and on the streets of a particular city. That is, they are adapted trends and tendencies, which the society passed through itself, has admitted to the body, made sure that is really up and running, and now with joy and even wear it mass.

This is particularly evident when you come home from a vacation and return to your hometown after a long absence. And you can see coveys of girls wearing sneakers and dresses of free cut, meet oversize coats with brooches, slip-ons and volume scarves with geometrical print. Many cities gladly picked up minimalistic and free cutting, tops with bare shoulders and flounced skirts of A-midi-cut.

treSuch things occur not just because they were “thrown” to the shops and everyone started to wear them. The reasons of the trends are a little deeper. Many cities caught stylish gym-shoes and sneakers, because people were waiting for them for the last 15 years, because now the 1.5-hour trip home is having more easily, it is not necessary to break the legs in stiletto shoes and calmly leave them in the office, and most importantly, now it is officially allowed to wear dresses and skirts with sneakers, made friends with something we did not want refuse, the femininity, and gave it the right touch of freedom, relaxation, negligence, an opportunity to be yourself and in the rhythm that dictates the big city.

There is no need to breath in the stomach for the painfully tight clothing and to set straight miniskirts, in the A- or O-style dress you can free eat, you can sit, lie and stand, without forming strange folds and creases. We are now, perhaps, a little less sexy in terms of conservative male point of view, but we are freer, more dynamic, we have time to do something, and feel more confident in what we are wearing. Loose clothing allows us to cope with 2-3 children on the playground, jump and run with them a race, and not severely pull them up off the bench, allows you to ride on the scooter in the park. We confidently manage a business, work, career and family, develop and reflect at this time trouble and multitasking on self-development and personal style of your own business and vocation. We can lean while waving hands, striding forward in a free midi skirt that does not expose the knees and other parts of the body, we can climb the career ladder, and not worry about that at the bottom of someone standing and looking after us.

And not the trend dictates to us what to wear but we choose which one and how it will fit in our active life where only we decide.

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