10 Most Beautiful Colors in the Clothes, Which Are Worth Trying On This FW Season

When the landscapes outside become gray and dull – it’s time to experiment with the color of clothing! What surprises has prepared for us this FW season? What is advised to wear by worldwide known designers, what shades should you choose and how can you experiment? We picked the most successful trends and examples!

sunbeamIs it not enough sun? Then you should try it on yourself and become one of its warm rays on a cold cloudy day. Such clothing will cheer up not only to the one who wears it but also to others.

Delicate peach
peachPeach colors look incredibly feminine and romantically. They are able to refresh the image and to make a woman look younger. Not only peach dresses, but also coats, and the fur coats of such color scheme are relevant this FW season.

Pink velvet
pinkAnother one “girly” shade is pink, and this year gentle shade of quartz mineral is the trend. It can be called smoky or velvet as it seems like it is enveloped in a pleasant haze. Clothing of such a color looks the same time gentle and solemn.

Blue depth
deep-blueThe deep blue color fascinates and attracts attention, it is impossible to pass it. It makes the image of a little stern and unapproachable, bringing hints of mystery and charm in it.

Noble gray
grayLight ashy shade can transform any woman. It is neutral and versatile, so it does not make you look fatter or slimmer. It is able to emphasize the advantages of the body and hide disadvantages. In addition, the shade is eye candy and does not get bored.

Practical black
long-drThe black color is always in trend, it is practical and stylish. Girls love it for its ability to make you look visually slimmer and it can transform your body. This year it is especially popular, it can be easily combined with other fashionable shades of the season, such as blue, green or yellow.

Fall flower
fall-flIn fall and winter, there is an acute shortage of green. The designers have paid attention to this problem and offered their solution. They have developed deep to the extent, and not offending the eye tint, which compensates the lack of greenery in the cold season.

Brown suede
ochreBrown shades are perfect for the fall period, in addition, this year are in vogue the things made of natural and artificial suede. They warm the soul; one has only to look at them. So you should not pass a light brown color the season.

The warm ocher
ochre-trueThe warm ocherous color will not leave anyone indifferent. It will add to your image spicy notes; will make it cozy and stylish. Ochre can be perfectly combined with all shades of brown, cream, red and yellow.

Purple violet
purpleDeep purple haze envelops with the mystery haze. It looks solemn and can visually add several years. It is a perfect variant for evening images; it is necessary to remember that it is active and brook no competition.


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2 Responses to 10 Most Beautiful Colors in the Clothes, Which Are Worth Trying On This FW Season

  1. Such lovely colours! Thanks for sharing them. Gemma x


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