Interesting Facts About Fashion

phoActors of Hollywood movies can be often seen in the picture in the costumes of yellow and green colors. And yellow wear lean people and green – plump people. The secret is that the green clothes make a person a little slimmer than he is, and yellow – quite the opposite.
When the first sunglasses appeared, no one defended their eyes from the sun with the help of them. The first models were designed again for the actors, as the soffits shone in the eyes too brightly.
Fashion on blonde women had not begun in the 20th century, as one might assume. It was the ancient Greek women who artificially lightened their hair, using decoctions of herbs and lime water. However, the tone turned out to be not blond but light red. Greeks-men liked so much what they had seen, so they even had taken over this tradition from women.
%d0%b7%d0%b5%d0%bb%d0%b5%d0%bd%d1%8b%d0%b9Different types of clothing are used by the world’s peoples in different situations. We put on pajamas when going to sleep well, but for Indians it is a form of everyday clothes, wearing which it is not shameful and go out to the street.
Today the walking stick is a rare enough phenomenon, and it is only used by men. And once there existed on a par with men’s the ladies’ walking sticks: delicate, smelling of incense, and even performing unpretentious melodies. Apparently, the hostess not to get bored.
In the Middle Ages, the aristocrats had miniature small boxes with them. But these gizmos were not intended for the storage of rings and other jewelry, but for fleas catching. The hygiene was then out of favor, and moreover – to wash with water too often considered to be an uncharitable matter. Having caught on the body or in the hair of just another parasite, fashionist or fashionista put it in luxury “prison” with precious stones on the cover…
The decencies had often dictated to us, which parts of the body can be bare, and which cannot. So, at one time, women in Bermuda could not appear in public with open hips. But they wanted to wear shorts anyway… So, the fashionable women of that time came up with the something in between the trousers and the shorts. In such a way the famous “Bermuda” shorts appeared to be.
ba-blogFor more than 20 years does not go out of fashion the deliberately “aged” clothes: torn, greasy or items worn by mechanical means. The road to this “sloppy” approach had opened towards musical style “grunge”, that was so popular in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.
For a long time, the society rejected short haircuts for women and looked at the ladies who risked on such an experiment with conviction. The fact is that the long hair of a married woman for a long time was considered to be the evidence of loyalty to the spouse. Therefore, if the lady had her hair cut short, it could be assumed that she had been unfaithful.
But that’s nothing … The ancient Egyptians women at one time had in vogue the off all hair haircut. Moreover, this haircut, the hair was not shaved off, but it was mercilessly plucking. After such an execution the woman remained quite happy, and she even rubbed her head with wax, and it shone like a billiard ball…
Today’s ladies are willing to lie for hours in tanning salons, to get a nice bronze skin tone. But their “great-great relatives”, who lived in the early 20th century, considered to be absolutely trendy with white skin. That is why then were so popular the sun protecting umbrellas…

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