Festive Dresses: Fashion Trends

Agree that we rarely use the dresses for the big event. You can put them on one or two times, and they are hanging in the closet, recalling the beautiful moments of our lives.

Taking into account the impracticality of such investments, the majority of us do not buy dresses for the grand parade and wear dresses for the so-called small events. This does not mean that they are less beautiful, but they are not as pompous and due to this they are more widely used.


The main precept of the evening dress is the fabrics. Style can be extremely simple, even the ascetic one, but if the fabric belongs to the smart range, in such a dress you will look spectacular and elegantly.

In the first place here is lace. This material is like no other, emphasizes your femininity. Lace and guipure are translucent, they allow you to make out the woman’s body, it is with this they excite and attract. Lace can be thin or thick, more or less translucent – in any case, it will make your look elegant and attractive.

winThe cut can be simple and unpretentious. Fashionable wine color and graceful scallops at the bottom give the elegance to the dress.

It is necessary to mention that today it is not expected to wear a lot of jewelry with lace dresses. The material is so good on its own, that sometimes the jewelry seems superfluous.

The popular now “childish” style: dress slightly extended to the bottom, the waist is not defined, and it is all about lace.

Very feminine model. Flounces make it that way in the form of wings and a softly pleated skirt completes the impression. And, of course, the divinely beautiful guipure of an exquisite cranberry color.

Large neckline in combination with a thick black guipure – it’s always a win-win variant. The fluffy pleated skirt improves the feeling of femininity.

The spectacular evening fabric

Elegant evening fabric is another way to create an evening image. Among such materials are often used velvet , chiffon fabric with lurex, sequins, embroidery, extravagant ornaments, etc.

I repeat: a style at the same time can be extremely simple. Unnecessary details and the cut peculiarities are not needed, they just distract from the entire image.

Simple cut dress, which is made of chiffon, decorated with luxurious embroidery with sequins. Under it is a dark underdress.

Silk plays a major role in fabric with beautiful floral ornament. The bottom and the sleeves of the dress are completed with lace.


wineBareback is a very popular trend now. The dress from the front looks modest and closed, and when the woman turns – oh, my God! – It turns out that she has an opened back . It looks so sexy and unexpectedly, causing men to lose the gift of speech.

Especially beautiful it looks with black dresses. The combination of the smooth feminine skin with black fabric makes the contrast, the skin as if glowing!

Marvelous dresses with long sleeves fully closed in front, and with a large cut on its back. Silhouette with flared skirt makes it extremely feminine. It has so much delicacy and sex … The dress of dreams!
Another variant concerning the bareback. Low triangular cutout will underline the symmetrical draperies. Velvet fabric fits the body and enhances the feeling of elegance.

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