Evening Dresses for the 2017 New Year

expens-lookThe New Year always brings turmoil, concerns, pleasant chores and mood, which belongs only to this holiday. And did not you forget with all of the things to choose for yourself the dress in which you will meet the most important holiday of the planet? I have tried as best I could to facilitate the choice of evening attire problem. So, let’s proceed to choose the dress of your dreams.


The choice of the body shape

A new year gives every woman the opportunity to shine and show off her beauty in the most beautiful dress from her wardrobe of all. It is clear that the dress has to be perfect in all respects, especially in the combination of style and shape of its owner.


So, choose the evening dress for the Christmas party on the figure type.


An Apple

For plump girls, it is not a good idea to choose a tight form-fitting dress, which will tightly fit the body. But too loose outfit also inappropriate – there is no need to hide chic forms in loose overalls.


Successful examples include wrap-over dresses and dresses of half-adherent silhouette that emphasizes everything that needs to be emphasized.



For pear-shaped (triangular) body shape it is necessary to choose the outfits by means of which the upper part of the body would be added the volume, while at the bottom would be removed the extra centimeters. Slim waist needs to be emphasized.


The perfect would be models with American armhole or tailored on the bias, drawing attention to the shoulders or chest. Draperies, prints, puffs, and ruffles – these are the important elements that create the desired volume. A good supplement will be bolero or pelerine.


Inverted triangle

With broad shoulders and narrow hips, it is, on the contrary, the volume needs to be done in the area of hips. A-line and empire style dresses will help. Flounces, drapes, basques and fluffy skirt, like the balloon-skirt are vital here.


Broad shoulders visually will reduce the V-neckline. The square neckline and straps are not desirable.



When there are narrow shoulders and hips, in the first place it is necessary to highlight the waistline. All decorative items (beads, sparkles, and applications) – they are all yours. Ideally, you have to create the volume and the top and the bottom part of your body.


For short girls

For short girls designers have created models of short evening dresses of all kinds of variations. One of these is the high waistline and bright color scores.


The skirt should be straight or slightly flared. It is better to refuse large and sophisticated pattern cut.


Floor-length dresses also permissible if the skirt covers the heel and the silhouette is form-fitting.


If you add to your image high heels, no one will notice your low stature, and you yourself will forget about this little feature of your constitution.


Visit https://parisdress.com/evening-dresses to choose the dress of your dreams for the celebration of the New 2017 Year!

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