Evening Dresses: the Rules of Selection

In our everyday life, it is so desirable to at least sometimes to change the image and appear, for example, as a diva in a luxurious evening dress. Especially when there is a friends’ wedding on the horizon or anniversary of your acquaintance with your husband or another pleasant occasion to transform and remember that you are not only just a woman, but also a beautiful woman.

bridesmaiFortunately, the choice of evening dresses today is huge. Styles, colors – for every taste and shape. How to emphasize the features of one or another figure outfit, I often tell. How fashion affects the evening dresses, it is almost not worth speaking, because the main trend of such a gown at all times is femininity and elegance.

And here are I will give some tips on how to choose a dress to feel comfortable at the event.

First of all, pay attention at the fabric. Even the most simple dress, but made of high-quality fabric will look luxurious. Do not be afraid that it will be expensive. In the end, you will not often go out, so it is possible to afford to get one perfect dress.

The cut is also an important part of the attire. The dress that fits body looks much more effective. Look for a dressmaker or dressmaking and tailoring establishment, their services you can always come in handy. The dress has not to wrinkle, to make some pulling. You have to move it freely and not to think about the attire and just to rest. And feel confident, only then everyone will appreciate your image!

Attire should be appropriate. So if you are in doubt whether understand the dress code correctly, check with your host. There is nothing worse and uncomfortable than you would come in too simple or too frilly dress. And then there are rules of etiquette – of course, they now seem to be quite conventional, and even fun, but they exist. So, according to them, bare shoulders appropriate from seven o’clock in the evening, and deep décolleté – after 22.00.

Do not forget to choose the perfect lingerie. Under the fitting or flowing translucent dresses, it is seen everything. So try to select the underwear on your figure, and it is better for these goings out to have shaping lingerie. Pantyhose or stockings are also important. Your choice of thin transparent tights for an evening out (if the outfit does not require a completely dark matte ones).

i-bodyAnd, of course, it is important to choose accessories. Here, also, the main thing is not to overdo. According to Coco Chanel: “The last worn jewelry is always an excess.” This truth is still relevant.


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