6 Main Rules of the Selection of Cocktail Dresses

The cocktail dress is a dress on duty for a number of social events. Women simply cannot do without the cocktail dresses for formal and semi-formal meetings, starting from corporate parties and till wedding receptions.

add-bloHowever, finding suitable attire can greatly spoil your mood, if you do not know where to start from and what to focus when choosing. Some may stick to the same classical style, which has always been favored; others can blindly follow the latest fashion trends, regardless of whether they fit the type of their bodies. Each of these approaches has disadvantages.

The following six tips will help you from a huge variety of cocktail dresses to choose the one that is right for your body and will create your own unique style.

Choose a dress that emphasizes the advantages of the body

Most women focus on how to hide the body disadvantages, that they are very concerned about. As a result, the created image only reflects their lack of confidence. Instead, try to emphasize your advantages. Different dresses draw attention to different parts of the body.

When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the fact what exactly this outfit emphasizes. Dresses just above the knee focus on slender legs and a deep neckline draw attention to the noble profile or chest. Choose the cocktail dress that accentuates some one part of the body. Your outfit should have one main focus, whether it is the face, chest, waist or legs.

The focus can be a charming smile. Draw attention to your face, wearing large earrings and a simple classic dress. Below there are pieces of advice on how to place the main emphasis.

For the proper selection of a dress, it is also important to know your body type. Cocktail dress should at the same time hide the least attractive part of the body and emphasize the most attractive part. However, it is necessary to clearly understand the difference between those who are simply trying to hide the disadvantages (holding some kind of “repair work”) and those who feel confident in the advantages of their bodies.

Carefully select the accessories

bwdresMany people think that it is necessary to put on all the accessories that are suitable for this dress at once. The selection of accessories – is the key to creating a certain image, and the cocktail dress can be transformed greatly depending on which accessories it can be complemented.

When buying a cocktail dress, imagine how bright it will look with large earrings, lipstick, and shiny multiple stiff bracelets. A more official image will create a moderate makeup, long earrings, and low heels. Such metamorphoses are possible with most cocktail dresses.

When choosing a dress, ask yourself:
• Can I wear it with silver and with golden jewelry?
• What color shoes and bags are suitable for it?
• How many models of shoes fit with this dress? (From the Greek sandals, shoes with thick heels, heels or wedges to boots and shoes – you should consider all options for combinations)
• Will it look good with a clutch, evening handbag or another model of the bag?

Note the length

To create the most attractive image, it is necessary to pay the utmost attention to the length of the dress. You can find cocktail dresses of any length – from the dress of just above the knee-length to the luxurious dresses of mid-calf length. The latter is traditionally called “dress for tea”, although modern dresses for tea are usually shorter.

Miniature women can look higher if they choose short dresses. In fact, the dress length should not reach the calves, otherwise, the proportions of the figure would be violated, and they will seem even lower than they actually are.

Empire waist with waist strap under the breast creates the illusion of length even at the ankle-length dresses. This is a very attractive option for shorter women who want to look taller. But be careful, this style is very popular for blouses and dresses for pregnant women. Tall women have a wide selection of dresses length.

However, tall thin women should not forget about the proportionality/balance of the image and not to choose too short dresses.

Little Black A-line Dress

autEveryone has (or should have) a little black dress that is appropriate both at the official and at the non-official events. The most versatile and multipurpose is an LBD (little black dress) – a dress of A-line. The A-line dress has a narrow bodice and it extends from the waist or hips, repeating the outlines of the letter A. Why this design is considered to be so successful and versatile?

First of all, such a dress distracts attention from the abdomen and thighs, which for many people are the problem areas. Second of all, it tightly covers the shoulders and chest, emphasizing the feminine body shape. Owners of an hourglass body shape can complement such a dress with a belt at the waist, and as for the type of pear body shape, it is recommended to leave a free style.

Women with an apple body shape type can turn it into an hourglass one by loose dresses and the slim boyish figure becomes more feminine due to dress, that slightly widens at the hips.

For the going out, and for every day

Today, cocktail dresses are worn not only to the parties. It is appropriate both at receptions and other formal events. Supplemented with casual clothes, such a dress can be a great outfit for every day. For example, put it on with the cardigan, shawl or jacket, so that only the skirt would be visible.

Rough boots or leggings are also converted to a formal dress into a casual one. On the other hand, there are some common mistakes in choosing accessories for a cocktail dress, if you want to put it on to the official event. Avoid large bags! The more formal the event you are going to visit, the smaller should be your purse. If you doubt, stop the choice on the clutch.

A cocktail dress can be worn on formal and semi-formal meetings, can be worn both day and evening, depending on the selected shoes, jewelry, handbags, and make-up. For casual accessories include large bags, bright jewelry, and comfortable shoes. Dresses made of cotton, linen or wool are usually worn only during the day. Typical for the official style are small bags or clutches, longer dresses of restrained colors and discreet jewelry. Formal dresses are usually made of satin, silk or velvet. The versatile can be dresses made of chiffon, polyester or mixed cotton.

You’re the principle!

Although the fashion keeps coming back for bright colors and patterns, such as animal prints, no one trend should not force you to choose the coloring that does not suit you. When choosing the color of the dress, pay attention not only to your skin tone and hair color, keep in mind the type of your body shape and your height.

Bright flashy patterns can completely overshadow the low women, who are best to choose plain clothes of matching colors. Of course, the bright pink cocktail dress does not beautify anyone, but the same can be said about the dress of dull brown color.

The slender dark-haired woman will look exhausted and lean in dresses of dark color. Selecting the color of clothing, suitable for your skin tone – is an art in itself. To simplify the process of buying a cocktail dress, ask yourself the question: “What will people think, whether she looks beautiful or her dress looks beautiful?” It does not mean that it is always necessary to play safe and choose only those dresses that do not stand out.

You must be able to stick to your own style, even if you decide to wear trendy clothes of wildest colors. Those who are copying the trend blindly that it does not suit them, end up looking as if their clothes are wearing them.


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