8 Ideas of Fashionable Christmas Images

Let’s remember the major trends and events of the last year and come up with great images for the New Year’s party. I have prepared 8 jolly options.


Elegant, little provocative dresses with huge puffed sleeves and bold cutouts will stand in good stead for you in the next year: the fashion for the 1980s will reign at least for one more season. Where to wear a dress that resembles a bright, shiny candy wrapper, unless to the New Year’s party?

Disco ball

disThings of disco style became very popular at the end of this year. Paillettes, glitter, sequins, reflecting materials and giant decorations in the most literal sense will sparkle with new shades as soon as you find yourself near the garlands, lights, and candles. Whirl in the gay rhythmic dance and watch the bizarre projection on everything that surrounds you. That’s really a girl-comet costume.


Pink Panther

Without a doubt, the main color of the season is pink. Long dresses, bright, volume coats from artificial fur, pink shoes. Fashion shows from designers of the Autumn-Winter 2017 opened the image, fully assembled from pink items (even tights were pink). The festive night is an excellent opportunity to test yourself on this trend, break into the wildest extremes. Mix shades of dusty rose and very girly pink, use accessories and do not be afraid of complex fabrics such as velvet or jacquard.

Wes Anderson Muse

Wes Anderson movies almost always receive the most prestigious film awards for costumes, and women’s (and men’s) images of his characters inspire not only fashionistas all over the world but also respected editors of glossy magazines. Delicate pastel shades, minimalist items, ideas that seem to lie on the surface, but for some reason, no one comes to mind – that those factors for which we are so fond of the style of Margot Tenenbaum or Susie Bishop.

The little red dress

lrdEven if you are skeptical about horoscopes, symbols of the coming year and rather drink poison than champagne with a piece of paper – a desire, why not kill two birds with one stone (in this situation, roosters) and to dress up in a dress of the noble red, just because it is very beautiful. I advise to forget about the length of the maxi in this situation and get the dress to the knee (so you can wear during spring 2017 almost every day). As the inspiration – the Italian films of the 1950s, 1960s. This is where they wear these beautiful red dresses suitably.


Victorian era, dark gothic, lace and velvet, high collars, and other attributes of Tim Burton’s films are back again in vogue this year. A dramatic image consisting of black velvet maxi dress at the Christmas party will look no less advantageously than sequins and bright colors.


retroInstead of boring to everyone retro-chic with lush skirts and dresses, bustier, you can try a less obvious way, inspired with the beginning of the 20th century. Designers’ fantasies of the past on how we will dress have gained the embodiment into this in the future. That’s such a compound diagram of crossing times, eras, and trends. Here fit both wildly popular metallic pleated skirts, and silver tissue, and volume bombers (again, of silver shades). Feel like a guest from the future.

Pajamas party

If your maximum in the festive night is to drink cold brut in a very narrow circle of close friends (and maybe even in prideful solitude), then I advise you to get beautiful silk pajamas and to pass not only the last year but also the body-cloth fashion style. It is much nicer to lie imposingly surrounded by pillows in a pajama suit than in the cotton shorts or torn jeans.

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