The Main Trends in Wedding Fashion and the Most Fashionable Wedding Dresses of 2017

Are you ready to observe the most fashionable beautiful wedding dresses of 2017? Learn all the trends in wedding fashion which must know each bride and observe novelties of 2017!
At the Bridal Fashion Shows, there were a lot of beautiful wedding dresses which brides of 2017 will dream about. The admirable wedding dresses for a classic bride, and for “non-traditional” – a bold and original one. But the choice of “that” dress is always up to the bride. And fashion designers and wedding brands in 2017 give us a huge selection of wedding dresses. Do you want a piece of advice from a stylist? Do not be afraid trying on wedding dresses that are different from what you have imagined when you were a child. Maybe it is the wedding dress will be for you, “the one”.

The Key Fashion Trends of Wedding Dresses in 2017:

If your wedding will be held in 2017 and you want to stay on top of fashion trends – my guide on trends in wedding fashion of 2017 is for you. Warning, lots of new photos of beautiful wedding dresses!

Trend – High Collar

purcha-vs-buyPerhaps it is one of the brightest fashion trends in the world of wedding dresses. The high neck is a compulsory part of the classic wedding dress of the late 19th and early 20th century, which we have almost never seen in recent years. But the wedding dress with high neck in 2017 – is not only classic wedding dresses, but bold wedding dresses and, where translucent mesh and organza creates an exciting game of “I can see through – I cannot see through”.

Trend – Delicate Pastel

wdblFor several seasons, pink is a key fashion color for brides. We see it in the Wedding Collection of 2017, again in many colors, from delicate powdery pink to bright magenta.
In spring and summer of 2017 soft blue is a good alternative when you do not like pink, but you want a beautiful colorful wedding dress of unusual color.

Trend – a Deep Cut

how-wdWedding designers have once again made a decisive step with cutouts and decollete! Deep V-neck can be seen in wedding dresses all the silhouettes in the majority of the summer wedding collections. One thing is certain, that wedding designers believe that a bride of 2017 is bold enough, that would elegantly showing bare skin and her own sexuality.

Trend – Floral Appliques and Embroidery

Lace is becoming less noticeable in the new collections of wedding dresses of 2017. They are replaced by other fabrics and textures, including floral appliques and large embroidered flowers.

Trend – Shorter Skirts

Not the easiest option of a wedding dress, but certainly it is one of the most original ones. Ideal for informal wedding and a bold bride!

Trend – Bare Shoulders

how-wBare shoulders and pulled down sleeve – it is also one of the major fashion trends in 2017. Many brides prefer to tastefully show some skin emphasizing shoulder grace and giving a touch of the relaxed glamor of lowered shoulder line or deep neckline.

Trend – Long Sleeves

wed-creLong sleeves – this is another fashion trend focusing the attention on the bride’s hands. Its popularity we can thank Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly. Long sleeve, like nothing else, is suitable for brides whose wedding is scheduled for the autumn and winter of 2017. For such brides, designers offer a plenty of options in wedding dresses.

Trend – Clean & Simple

%d1%81%d0%b2%d0%b0-%d0%bf%d0%bbOne of the most refreshing wedding trends are “simple” wedding dresses, made of crepe, taffeta and silk shantung without bulk-structured skirts and without any decoration of embroidery and lace. But here designers love to play with the cut pieces and elegant silhouette architecture of a dress.

Trend – Basque

The new collections of 2017 designers have structured silhouettes of wedding dresses with the help of the Basques. Somewhere it acts as a classic form, in other, it lengthens to become the top skirt, in third ones it acts as a top layer in a cascade of soft folds and skirt flounces. In any case, it is Basque in 2017 gives a sense of volume of the most fashionable wedding dresses.

Trend – The Relaxed Elegance

weddingWhat is the opposite of the wedding dress of a “Princess” type, so beloved by our young brides? Of course, relaxed and laid-back bohemian style, so popular last season in Europe and America. The new collection of wedding dresses of 2017 consists of such a huge range of laid-back, elegant dresses of flowing fabrics for romantic brides.

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