Interesting Facts About Fashion

phoActors of Hollywood movies can be often seen in the picture in the costumes of yellow and green colors. And yellow wear lean people and green – plump people. The secret is that the green clothes make a person a little slimmer than he is, and yellow – quite the opposite.
When the first sunglasses appeared, no one defended their eyes from the sun with the help of them. The first models were designed again for the actors, as the soffits shone in the eyes too brightly.
Fashion on blonde women had not begun in the 20th century, as one might assume. It was the ancient Greek women who artificially lightened their hair, using decoctions of herbs and lime water. However, the tone turned out to be not blond but light red. Greeks-men liked so much what they had seen, so they even had taken over this tradition from women.
%d0%b7%d0%b5%d0%bb%d0%b5%d0%bd%d1%8b%d0%b9Different types of clothing are used by the world’s peoples in different situations. We put on pajamas when going to sleep well, but for Indians it is a form of everyday clothes, wearing which it is not shameful and go out to the street.
Today the walking stick is a rare enough phenomenon, and it is only used by men. And once there existed on a par with men’s the ladies’ walking sticks: delicate, smelling of incense, and even performing unpretentious melodies. Apparently, the hostess not to get bored.
In the Middle Ages, the aristocrats had miniature small boxes with them. But these gizmos were not intended for the storage of rings and other jewelry, but for fleas catching. The hygiene was then out of favor, and moreover – to wash with water too often considered to be an uncharitable matter. Having caught on the body or in the hair of just another parasite, fashionist or fashionista put it in luxury “prison” with precious stones on the cover…
The decencies had often dictated to us, which parts of the body can be bare, and which cannot. So, at one time, women in Bermuda could not appear in public with open hips. But they wanted to wear shorts anyway… So, the fashionable women of that time came up with the something in between the trousers and the shorts. In such a way the famous “Bermuda” shorts appeared to be.
ba-blogFor more than 20 years does not go out of fashion the deliberately “aged” clothes: torn, greasy or items worn by mechanical means. The road to this “sloppy” approach had opened towards musical style “grunge”, that was so popular in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.
For a long time, the society rejected short haircuts for women and looked at the ladies who risked on such an experiment with conviction. The fact is that the long hair of a married woman for a long time was considered to be the evidence of loyalty to the spouse. Therefore, if the lady had her hair cut short, it could be assumed that she had been unfaithful.
But that’s nothing … The ancient Egyptians women at one time had in vogue the off all hair haircut. Moreover, this haircut, the hair was not shaved off, but it was mercilessly plucking. After such an execution the woman remained quite happy, and she even rubbed her head with wax, and it shone like a billiard ball…
Today’s ladies are willing to lie for hours in tanning salons, to get a nice bronze skin tone. But their “great-great relatives”, who lived in the early 20th century, considered to be absolutely trendy with white skin. That is why then were so popular the sun protecting umbrellas…

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10 Most Beautiful Colors in the Clothes, Which Are Worth Trying On This FW Season

When the landscapes outside become gray and dull – it’s time to experiment with the color of clothing! What surprises has prepared for us this FW season? What is advised to wear by worldwide known designers, what shades should you choose and how can you experiment? We picked the most successful trends and examples!

sunbeamIs it not enough sun? Then you should try it on yourself and become one of its warm rays on a cold cloudy day. Such clothing will cheer up not only to the one who wears it but also to others.

Delicate peach
peachPeach colors look incredibly feminine and romantically. They are able to refresh the image and to make a woman look younger. Not only peach dresses, but also coats, and the fur coats of such color scheme are relevant this FW season.

Pink velvet
pinkAnother one “girly” shade is pink, and this year gentle shade of quartz mineral is the trend. It can be called smoky or velvet as it seems like it is enveloped in a pleasant haze. Clothing of such a color looks the same time gentle and solemn.

Blue depth
deep-blueThe deep blue color fascinates and attracts attention, it is impossible to pass it. It makes the image of a little stern and unapproachable, bringing hints of mystery and charm in it.

Noble gray
grayLight ashy shade can transform any woman. It is neutral and versatile, so it does not make you look fatter or slimmer. It is able to emphasize the advantages of the body and hide disadvantages. In addition, the shade is eye candy and does not get bored.

Practical black
long-drThe black color is always in trend, it is practical and stylish. Girls love it for its ability to make you look visually slimmer and it can transform your body. This year it is especially popular, it can be easily combined with other fashionable shades of the season, such as blue, green or yellow.

Fall flower
fall-flIn fall and winter, there is an acute shortage of green. The designers have paid attention to this problem and offered their solution. They have developed deep to the extent, and not offending the eye tint, which compensates the lack of greenery in the cold season.

Brown suede
ochreBrown shades are perfect for the fall period, in addition, this year are in vogue the things made of natural and artificial suede. They warm the soul; one has only to look at them. So you should not pass a light brown color the season.

The warm ocher
ochre-trueThe warm ocherous color will not leave anyone indifferent. It will add to your image spicy notes; will make it cozy and stylish. Ochre can be perfectly combined with all shades of brown, cream, red and yellow.

Purple violet
purpleDeep purple haze envelops with the mystery haze. It looks solemn and can visually add several years. It is a perfect variant for evening images; it is necessary to remember that it is active and brook no competition.


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Jumpsuits – Yesterday and Today

juThis year, the fashion world had shown jumpsuits again. In the Middle Ages, conjoint clothing (jumpsuits) was worn by the strolling performers, royal men of motley and alchemist-scientists. This outfit was comfortable while performing tricks and it became the prototype of body stockings. The alchemists also believed that the “solid” costume helps in regulating the internal energy, which in turn contributes the better development of the magical potential.

jumLevi Strauss (Levi Strauss & Co) has created a strong suit of the fabric for the gold miners, which permanently wiped his pants at his knees in 1853. His business began to produce jumpsuits for workers made of denim in the 1870s. They have gained popularity among farmers and cowboys.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, open jumpsuits were used as men beachwear.

During the First World War, jumpsuits were worn by women who worked in the UK weapons factories. Jumpsuits were used as the military uniform for the soldiers of the Commune during the Spanish Civil War.

Between the First and the Second World Wars, the jumpsuits become the clothing of aviators, swimmers, and athletes. During the Second World War, jumpsuits could be found in military outfits of most armies, including the German and Soviet ones.

In the 1960s jumpsuits appeared in the collections of Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent. But international recognition the jumpsuit had gained in the 1970s. In Paris, two brothers Gerard and Patrick Paryant had launched the brand, called NAF NAF in 1973. The name was chosen by the children’s nickname of Patrick – and perhaps not coincidentally the characters of the fairy tale “The Three Little Pigs,” at the illustrations piglets are dressed in jumpsuits on straps. Denim jumpsuits, which appeared in their collections, had become extremely popular. Now, every collection of the brand has at least one jumpsuit, which became a kind of NAF NAF mascot.

Such musicians added the popularity to jumpsuits: BoneyM, Arabesque, Abba, as well as Elvis Presley and David Bowie, who used them as stage costumes. Superheroes, starting with Batman, are also so fond of jumpsuits 🙂

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Stylish Trends in our Lives

trenThis morning over a cup of coffee with one of my new friend we have been discussing the idea of our prosperity and the conquest of the world. And we have touched on the subject of what will be fashionable in the coming years. After all, you know that there are current trends, such as culottes, chokers, designers’ collections of this season, trend colors, but there is something that is fashionable in a certain environment and on the streets of a particular city. That is, they are adapted trends and tendencies, which the society passed through itself, has admitted to the body, made sure that is really up and running, and now with joy and even wear it mass.

This is particularly evident when you come home from a vacation and return to your hometown after a long absence. And you can see coveys of girls wearing sneakers and dresses of free cut, meet oversize coats with brooches, slip-ons and volume scarves with geometrical print. Many cities gladly picked up minimalistic and free cutting, tops with bare shoulders and flounced skirts of A-midi-cut.

treSuch things occur not just because they were “thrown” to the shops and everyone started to wear them. The reasons of the trends are a little deeper. Many cities caught stylish gym-shoes and sneakers, because people were waiting for them for the last 15 years, because now the 1.5-hour trip home is having more easily, it is not necessary to break the legs in stiletto shoes and calmly leave them in the office, and most importantly, now it is officially allowed to wear dresses and skirts with sneakers, made friends with something we did not want refuse, the femininity, and gave it the right touch of freedom, relaxation, negligence, an opportunity to be yourself and in the rhythm that dictates the big city.

There is no need to breath in the stomach for the painfully tight clothing and to set straight miniskirts, in the A- or O-style dress you can free eat, you can sit, lie and stand, without forming strange folds and creases. We are now, perhaps, a little less sexy in terms of conservative male point of view, but we are freer, more dynamic, we have time to do something, and feel more confident in what we are wearing. Loose clothing allows us to cope with 2-3 children on the playground, jump and run with them a race, and not severely pull them up off the bench, allows you to ride on the scooter in the park. We confidently manage a business, work, career and family, develop and reflect at this time trouble and multitasking on self-development and personal style of your own business and vocation. We can lean while waving hands, striding forward in a free midi skirt that does not expose the knees and other parts of the body, we can climb the career ladder, and not worry about that at the bottom of someone standing and looking after us.

And not the trend dictates to us what to wear but we choose which one and how it will fit in our active life where only we decide.

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How to Buy a Prom Dress to Fit Your Body Shape

pr-bodDresses for the prom for girls with a “pear” body shape. Pears differentiate with a thin waist and wide hips, which are often problematic zones, which you want to distract the attention. For this purpose, is necessary to choose a dress of A-silhouette (trapeze dress). It should be a form-fitting dress – pears should emphasize that their advantage. But expanding skirt will hide the excessive width of the hips.

pr-bodyDresses for the prom for girls with an “inverted triangle” body shape. This figure differentiates with broad shoulders and narrow hips – the boyish type in general. The goal is to narrow shoulders and widen hips visually, thereby to make the body more feminine and seductive. Lush multilayered skirts, skirts with ruffles and drapes, etc will visually add volume to hips. Asymmetrical tops, one shoulder strap or oblique one shoulder – it all visually narrows the shoulders.

Dresses with asymmetrical skirt length – short in front, long in the back will also look good on you.

Dresses for the prom for girls with “apple” body shape. “Apple” body types have rather narrow hips and waist is not expressed, they are often marked by the presence of the plump belly and hips.

Your goal is to visually narrow your waist. If you are slim, you just select a dress with a wide belt; the belt should be darker than the dress.

pr-boIf you are thin, you can try to visually increase the top and bottom, that in itself is visually narrow the waist zone. Dresses with drapes and ruffles at the chest and hips will suit you.

Empire style dresses are perfect for plump “apples” – this style allows to hide all the excesses, and to have a regal look.

Empire is the so-called style of dress with a high waist. Wide flying skirt draped directly under the breast.

In general, the style of “Empire” fits everyone, with no exception both slender, and plump girls. Body type does not matter.

If you have a great figure and you have nothing to hide, but there is something to emphasize opt for a slinky “mermaid” dress style. Great emphasize your advantages and a short form-fitting dress or band-dress.

Remember one important rule: the shorter the skirt, the more should be closed top. And conversely, the deeper neckline and the more back is opened, the longer should be the skirt. Following this rule will allow you to show your key advantages, looking at the same time decently, respectable and even modestly.

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How to Buy a Dress for Prom?

prom-gownSchoolgirls and female students of graduating classes and courses have to be faced with a lot of trouble because they have to prepare not only for final exams but also to the prom. Efforts of preparing for prom, of course, are more pleasant than the rote learning of theory and multiple problems solving. However, to choose a dress to the prom is sometimes harder than to solve the equation. To give any help for future graduates, I have made recommendations to the girls who have to choose a dress to the prom.


How to choose a dress to the prom? Basic recommendations

1. Without extreme. Choosing a dress for prom, remember that your tastes and preferences will change over time, and photos and videos from the event will last a lifetime. If today young rebel likes the idea of “extreme” mini-dress, it does not mean that in two, five or ten years, she will not regret her choice. Remember that photos and videos will remain not only at you but also at all of your classmates, their friends and relatives. Many things in life can be changed, but if you miss with a prom dress – there will be no second chance.

For such a formal event like a graduation, you should choose an appropriate (that is a formal) outfit decent length, and high-necked to the extent. Your extreme ideas, if you have any, reserve for those outfits that you would wear to clubs and on dates.

2. The relevance and comfort. In your prom dress, you’ll have to spend much time. Wearing it, you’ll not only receive a certificate or diploma but also sit at the table and participate in photo shoots. Most likely, you’ll want to dance, and not just waltz. Think about how you will look in a, for example, a ball gown with a long train, when you start to dance to modern music.

lbd-blogProm party today is traditionally called a ball, though, but the event itself is more of a club party. Is it appropriate at the modern party a long luxuriant dress with a crinoline, which alike a wedding dress? Apparently, it is not.
Fashion designers, offering dresses for prom, as a rule, prefer light girlish dresses, which are convenient to whirl in a waltz, and to walk in the park, and to dance to contemporary hits.

3. Readiness for weather surprises. When choosing or ordering a prom dress is to pick up to it also a bolero, a blazer, or a palatine. The weather can surprise. If you pick or pre-order a bolero with sleeves and buy stockings, you will not scare the cold snap.

4. Color. Formal dress should include maximum two colors. Multi-colored prom dress, firstly, will hide your figure. Secondly, it will lose in the festivity, because according to tradition, on special occasions women wear outfits of monochromatic fabrics.

5. Easier, but better. The secret of a true woman is a simple outfit that fits perfectly than a splendid dress that emphasizes the disadvantages. The main thing is not to make an impression on the price of the dress a couple of girlfriends, but rather to please herself in the chosen dress.


Dress to the prom: choose the style and color

It would be better that the entire image is considered in one style. In advance, before the shopping trip or search a dressmaker, decide – what kind of image you want to create. Perhaps it will be a retro image of a girl from Chicago casino of the 1920s. Or maybe you want to feel like a Hollywood star on the red carpet or a James Bond girl.

To determine in advance the desired image, immediately come up with a rough style of dress, hairstyle, shoes, accessories and even makeup. And when you know exactly what you want, you can go shopping. Even if you do not find the dress, as you originally planned, you are bound to pick something similar, corresponding to the image of what was intended. And you will not become distracted by any pretty dress and try everything on.

weekdayColor also depends on the style, but primarily you need to take into account your own personal preferences and your type of appearance. If for example, blue suits a girl, and she decided to create the image of a sort of Barbie doll, she does not necessarily choose a pink dress.

It is possible to consider a purple option, or put on a blue dress, betting not on color but on style and accessories. As already mentioned, the main thing – to dress perfect fits you, and everything else is secondary.

If your class or course is friendly, you can beforehand choose the style altogether and pick outfits in accordance with it.

In this case, no one will stand out from the overall picture and feel uncomfortable. General photo shoots will be harmonious and conceptual.

For example, if you choose the style of disco, no one will come in the lush dress a la the bride at the wedding. Everyone will be in bright, slightly frivolous clothes. Some of the girls might even wear a trouser suit or elegant top with a skirt. If you select the idea with the secular-masquerade ball, all will be dressed in solid costumes and provide masks for themselves. The main thing is there will no ridiculous discordance and inconsistencies.

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How to Buy Evening Dresses

howChic, perfectly style, and fashion appropriate evening dresses are able to make you a queen of the night. Paris Dress offers the largest choice of evening
how-toIn Paris Dress, you will find dresses from such worldwide famous producers as Alyce Paris, Beside Couture by Gemi, Saboroma, and many others.
Evening dresses of these brands are remarkable for their excellent cut and always unique design. You will feel attractive more than usually wearing these dresses. A well-chosen evening dress is able not only to highlight your advantages but also to create a certain style, from free and relaxed till mysterious and elegant.

The best assortment of evening dresses

Creation and choice of an evening dress are an art. Every detail is important – tissue and color, texture and design. In the Paris Dress salon of wedding and evening dresses, a great collection of evening dresses is gathered.

Paris Dress is a professional approach to choice of evening dresses

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